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  1. Congratulations Wildcard. Bwahahaha! You people can't even get voice acting right on your game! And for some stupid reason you made the voice acting sound as part of the sound fx volume! I can't even hear what Helena is saying because the voice volume is too low and is drowned out by the FX! Wow, and I can guarantee this will never get fixed anytime soon. You people are the laughing stock of the gaming community, a completely incompetent company. Your investors must be pleased. 🤣
  2. Congratulations Wild Card you screwed up again. Not only are Wild Queen Bees getting deleted EVERY single time I log out of Single Player, now Beavers are no longer spawning after a Dino Wipe. Boy you people can't do anything right without screwing over something else. Do you purposely hire brain dead coders? Or are you all really this terrible at making games? Suffice it to say, there's absolutely no way I'll be preordering or even buying ark 2 at this rate. I have 0 hopes that that game will be any better than this crap. How about you fix ARK 1 before making a new game. God you people are hopeless morons.
  3. I disagree, it's not designed to start ftom level 1 IF you are following the Helena Storyline. Besides, you can still use Morellatops at lvl 115. There's nothing wrong with limiting yourself for the enjoyment of freshie things. Restarting from level 1 is a pointless handicap. Unless you're turning down the exp meter below 0.5, then your going to be level 50 in less then 5 hours anyways. We all know how to abuse this games leveling system because WC made it easy to do so. So even if you start at level 1, you still need to limit yourself on what you use early game, if you want to force yourself to enjoy freshie things like Morellatops.
  4. Incorrect. The point of a game is to have fun with it, then finish it, and move on to greater and better things. Possibly coming back to it a couple years later, once you've forgotten most of it. Games aren't supposed to be forever games.
  5. Sure but the OP's point is that they only have 3 hrs a day to play. I don't think that the OP wants to waste their time restarting on every friggin map. And yes it is Silly imo. If you aren't playing ARK PVE for the storyline, then you're basically playing dress up with dinosaurs. This is ARK, not The Sims. That's what I find Silly.
  6. Sure that is true if you're playing a hardcore or permadeath challenge. But tell me where and when on public servers do you naturally lose a character and reset to 1 on any servers that aren't hardcore? And since the majority of servers aren't hardcore, one can assume that's the natural progression of a Storyline Progression based game, to which I believe that the OP is asking aboot.
  7. I'm sorry but I disagree. Having a high level character on a new map is an excellent experience of it's own that is overlooked by many people, such as yourself, whom think that your somehow cheating or ripping yourself off of an overly repetitive and grindy experience that is not natural to the natural progression of a game. Like I said, there are ways to challenge yourself with putting immersive limits and spawning into an impossibly hard zone for a Beach Bob to conquer. What you're suggesting is a completely different thing that doesn't really follow the Helena Story. I mean you can pretend that you're set back to level 1 sure. But I guarentee that most people will just note run or exp grind to level 70 in less then 3hrs anyway so what's the point? You're basically suggesting that someone play each map as if the previous map never existed. Which defeats the point of a storyline imo if you just forget all you've learned in the last 300hrs and restart from scratch. But as you mentioned. To each their own. OP asked for suggestions. I gave'em one.
  8. I myself want to do this aswell (just waiting on that dang new cutscene update...when is it coming Wild Card?!? I can't find any info on it!) I'm not sure if you are using custom maps, but if you aren't, I would start. Breeding is easier when it doesn't take 2 hours to only find a 120 rex. If you feel like custom maps are cheating, then I recommend doing what I do and only use custom maps that have the exact same dino's as the current story map you're on. E.g. The Island and The Center. Think of the custom maps as an extension of each map. Like another instance area or expansion. They also help with BP framing because usually CM caves area easier and more accessible to farm with higher chances of Ascendant gear I believe. For breeding multiplier, I recommend figuring out how much time you spend playing ark each week, e.g. for me its aboot 4hrs a night weekdays, 8hrs on weekends, for a total of 36hrs. Then look up the Giga breeding time on Dodex. Then you think, "ok, a Giga takes roughly 7 days to breed official". Now figure out what multiplier you're going to need to breed that Giga in 36hrs or 1 week of YOUR gameplay. For me it was aboot 5x breed maturity. Only down side is you can't raise the breeding cuddle multiplier, you can only raise the cuddle interval on Singleplayer. Which means you'll have to cuddle more often. I set mine to 0.2 and cuddles are aboot 1h 45 mins apart which can be annoying. But at least it will feel like official breeding. Kinda. One thing I despise aboot Singleplayer is the obvious lack of care from Wildcard which means constant micromanaging. It's so friggin annoying. And official servers are unplayable for me and also unfortunately every unofficial server Cluster in existence is boosted up the wazoo. I just want to play Ark the way it was ment to be played. Other then pvp of course. I think Ark pvp is boring and stupid. Hours of endless Siege Machine is friggin boring. And your only reward for winning is more loot you don't need. Oh and another thing. Don't listen to them when they tell you start a fresh character every map. That's silly. The point of the game is to finish all the story maps with the same character. If you wish to struggle for dominance on a new map then spawn in the most difficult areas that are the farthest from any Obelisk. And fight, tame, and build your way back home to your previous base to collect your favorite pets(because over the 200+ hrs on The Island, you will become attached to them). Yes it will make every other map easier once you get lvl 115 and have multiple armies, but that's the point, it's not supposed to take 300hrs per map. Enjoy the fruits of your labors. Sorry just one more thing. I find that making the game more immersive can really up the fun and enjoyment meter to max. Role play yourself into the role of the survivor. Don't do what you know you need to do to accomplish victory over Rockwell. Do what you think you would do if you were put into that position of being a lone survivor waking up in the middle of no where on an alien planet full of dinosaurs, having your previous real life memories intact. Go exploring, find dossiers and notes, let them guide you on what to do as if you have no previous experience within the ARKs. Just a thought.
  9. Lol Poor Wild Card, they release new content hoping everyone would be hyped... but only 3 out of a 100 people has something good to say aboot it on both this message board and the youtube comments! lol. Another strike out Wildcard. 'Sad Trombone' Oh and re-enable loot crate character and dino/item tranfers on single player. It's absolutely ridiculous that you removed it in the first place. Why did you even do it at all? Makes no sense to me that I should have to cheat to transfer my things.
  10. I would like this game to have more depth and variety to it. As it is, it's just a boring grindy, greify, sandbox with no soul. You need to add more variety and depth to all kinds of combat. This boring hit-for-hit garbage is linear and uninspired. You need to add combos for both human and animal melee, and an actual dodge/ block system for them as well. Shields are useless if a enemy player can just hack and slash you till it breaks. You need to add more points of interest that actually have a point. Not just some lame dossier hidden in a overcrowded cave. Exploring is boring and pointless in this game simply due to the scenery not telling any kinds of stories of past survivors or anything to do with the fall of humanity other than some vague dossiers. Random ruins don't tell stories. You need to add ACTUAL endgame content. And I don't mean more bosses. I mean after you've gotten all tek gear and all OP tames, there should be something else to do besides fight bosses over and over for no real purpose or profit. Or grief other players. You need to add more variety in building items in terms of uniqueness or styles. It's boring to see stone, wood and metal buildings dotting the landscapes everywhere. Make texture packs for wood, stone and metal building items. Make more interesting tech tools to use for grinding materials like a Jackhammer for example. Everyone looks the exact same in this game and it's boring. Adding colours to armor and animals isn't good enough. It's basically same crap different pile. You also need to make an ACTUAL point to PVP besides senseless destruction for the sake of boredom. There really is no point to raiding someone for resources aside from maybe Cryo'd animals. The amount of time and resources wasted in a raid could have gone to simply farming those resources yourself. This game was a solid & unique idea Wildcard. But it's just to basic to truly be placed among the greatest games of all time. I'm sure I could think of more if I wasn't stuck at work. If anyone else disagrees or would like to add more to this please comment. Thank you for your time Wildcard - Seshter. Edit after thought: Oh and if possible, make it so that single player can run in the back round whilst having your game or console shut off. I like to play with legit stats, but it's difficult to justify breeding a Giga that takes 14 days to do and at the same time, my crops will not grow without me having my game turned on. So I always end up cheating and turning the stats up to work around that, and I don't like it personally. AFK'ing with my system on is not a good work around as that I cannot (and sure other's cannot too)leave my system running all day long.
  11. I would honestly like to know from the Dev's if the whole "Argies taking damage from hostiles wilds was intended or not. It seems like a very stupid thing to do to a useful taming pet.
  12. I would honestly like to know from the Dev's if the whole "Argies taking damage from hostiles wilds" was intended or not. It seems like a very stupid thing to do to a useful taming pet.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that hit for hit PVP combat is boring, stale and pointless? I mean the only strategy for that is 'biggest health and damage pool wins'. What Wildcard needs to do is refine their pvp so it's a more interesting and unique style of gameplay with dodging and combo mechanics for both players and animals. They need to have secret animal ability combos that animals can do together for devastating effects example: Managarmr and Poison Wyvern are a great combo, one freezes, the other poison bombs. As it is now I never play PVP. I don't see a lot of fun and enjoyment in standing on a paracer and soaking bullets, or just mashing the attack button till a wall breaks or something similar. PVP in this game has been dead since day one. The only thing that is keeping this game alive is the fact you can breed, tame and ride dinosaurs. PVE should get a lot more love in terms of things to do and style of progression. More dungeons, world bosses, exploring and areas of interest. As it is it's just, get some good dinos and enjoy the view. This game is only good because the initital idea of the game was new, unique and interesting. Awesome idea for a game Wildcard, extremely poor execution of said game. If you truly love your game Wildcard, then give the rights to someone who can make this game better like what Epic did for Paragon.
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