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  1. Lol Poor Wild Card, they release new content hoping everyone would be hyped... but only 3 out of a 100 people has something good to say aboot it on both this message board and the youtube comments! lol. Another strike out Wildcard. 'Sad Trombone' Oh and re-enable loot crate character and dino/item tranfers on single player. It's absolutely ridiculous that you removed it in the first place. Why did you even do it at all? Makes no sense to me that I should have to cheat to transfer my things.
  2. I would like this game to have more depth and variety to it. As it is, it's just a boring grindy, greify, sandbox with no soul. You need to add more variety and depth to all kinds of combat. This boring hit-for-hit garbage is linear and uninspired. You need to add combos for both human and animal melee, and an actual dodge/ block system for them as well. Shields are useless if a enemy player can just hack and slash you till it breaks. You need to add more points of interest that actually have a point. Not just some lame dossier hidden in a overcrowded cave. Exploring is boring and pointless in this game simply due to the scenery not telling any kinds of stories of past survivors or anything to do with the fall of humanity other than some vague dossiers. Random ruins don't tell stories. You need to add ACTUAL endgame content. And I don't mean more bosses. I mean after you've gotten all tek gear and all OP tames, there should be something else to do besides fight bosses over and over for no real purpose or profit. Or grief other players. You need to add more variety in building items in terms of uniqueness or styles. It's boring to see stone, wood and metal buildings dotting the landscapes everywhere. Make texture packs for wood, stone and metal building items. Make more interesting tech tools to use for grinding materials like a Jackhammer for example. Everyone looks the exact same in this game and it's boring. Adding colours to armor and animals isn't good enough. It's basically same crap different pile. You also need to make an ACTUAL point to PVP besides senseless destruction for the sake of boredom. There really is no point to raiding someone for resources aside from maybe Cryo'd animals. The amount of time and resources wasted in a raid could have gone to simply farming those resources yourself. This game was a solid & unique idea Wildcard. But it's just to basic to truly be placed among the greatest games of all time. I'm sure I could think of more if I wasn't stuck at work. If anyone else disagrees or would like to add more to this please comment. Thank you for your time Wildcard - Seshter. Edit after thought: Oh and if possible, make it so that single player can run in the back round whilst having your game or console shut off. I like to play with legit stats, but it's difficult to justify breeding a Giga that takes 14 days to do and at the same time, my crops will not grow without me having my game turned on. So I always end up cheating and turning the stats up to work around that, and I don't like it personally. AFK'ing with my system on is not a good work around as that I cannot (and sure other's cannot too)leave my system running all day long.
  3. I would honestly like to know from the Dev's if the whole "Argies taking damage from hostiles wilds was intended or not. It seems like a very stupid thing to do to a useful taming pet.
  4. I would honestly like to know from the Dev's if the whole "Argies taking damage from hostiles wilds" was intended or not. It seems like a very stupid thing to do to a useful taming pet.
  5. It really doesn't matter, the problem with this game isn't that it doesn't have enough to do, (DLC's etc.) or any kind of balance/bug issue. The problem is that this game is a hack and slash survival sandbox with no real heart. People get bored because the only thing to do in this game is grief like a douche, build pointless structures, and grind unendingly for nothing more than to start the grief cycle all over again. This game doesn't need more DLC, this game needs more to do in general. More depth and variety when it comes to combat, building and resource harvesting. Exploring is pointless and boring as well. There's no treasure to discover other than one or two loot crates in any given cave. No points of interest telling stories about the past survivors or the ARK itself, or the fall of the original Terrarians, other than a bunch of vague dossiers. And at the end of it all when you've collected all the animals, all the dossiers, beat all the bosses and got all the tek, there is nothing at all to do to put all that badass equipment to good use. And raiding someones bases for items that you could 've easily collected yourself with all the time you wasted preparing for the raid, isn't one of them. Honestly the only good reason I can think of raiding someones base for loot would maybe to take there Cryo animals. As those are not easily grinded. As it is the combat is linear and stale, basically all you need for strategy is large dino's with lots of health. Battle ballista's mean nothing. Rocket launchers are uselss. Turrets are useless. Guns are boring, stale and don't feel good when you fire them, plus the variety of weapons is so small that there is basically only one good choice for it. Melee combat is a hit for hit joke with no finesse or any kind of block or dodge system. Most of the animal tames are pointless and not even worth taming. And on top of it all, the options for building are so basic and unimaginable that it's not even fun or interesting to build and design a structure to your own personal uniqueness or imagination. Until there is an ACTUAL point to playing this game besides collecting everything, beating bosses over and over for very little purpose or profit, and grieffing any and everyone you see simply cause you're bored and there is nothing else to do. Then this game will never rise to it's true potential. I honestly hope a better and more caring game studio steals this game idea and make it better.
  6. Obviously they can't do both or this game would be damn near perfect by now.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that hit for hit PVP combat is boring, stale and pointless? I mean the only strategy for that is 'biggest health and damage pool wins'. What Wildcard needs to do is refine their pvp so it's a more interesting and unique style of gameplay with dodging and combo mechanics for both players and animals. They need to have secret animal ability combos that animals can do together for devastating effects example: Managarmr and Poison Wyvern are a great combo, one freezes, the other poison bombs. As it is now I never play PVP. I don't see a lot of fun and enjoyment in standing on a paracer and soaking bullets, or just mashing the attack button till a wall breaks or something similar. PVP in this game has been dead since day one. The only thing that is keeping this game alive is the fact you can breed, tame and ride dinosaurs. PVE should get a lot more love in terms of things to do and style of progression. More dungeons, world bosses, exploring and areas of interest. As it is it's just, get some good dinos and enjoy the view. This game is only good because the initital idea of the game was new, unique and interesting. Awesome idea for a game Wildcard, extremely poor execution of said game. If you truly love your game Wildcard, then give the rights to someone who can make this game better like what Epic did for Paragon.
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