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  1. FIX QUETZ RAIDING At this point ark is almost impossible to live outside of caves on. Quetzal raiding has gotten rid of 99% of pillar base locations for pvp. Quetzal raiding is basically just using 6 hatchframes and about 4 foundations to make a quetzal nearly impossible for turrets to shoot from the top OR with a new method found you can place hatchframe s and ceilings below the quetzal and raid going down. Both of these are bad enough by themself however if u add tek rifles to the mix, you will never be able to defend any extinction base. Extinction is the most effected by quetzal raiding as almost every base spot is a pillar and so it’s extremely hard have a protected base on this map. All I’m suggesting is that you disable placing hatchframes on quetzals as that would completely get rid of the issue. PVE can have it enabled still for their quetzal builds and making as much space as possible for themself but please disable it for PVP. Btw comment or like or whatever you can to make this post stick out so maybe the devs will see it and decide it’s maybe time to help the pvp community out and fix just this one broken game mechanic for raiding in the game. also please fix build up raiding which is just building up ceiling and walls next to a cliff which you can get extremely close to most pillar bases and high up bases with this. Just make walls get blocked by enemy foundations make all structures get blocked by enemy foundation range as it would help pvp base spots so much
  2. Dude it’s not a hard fix as many other game have had temporary glitches similar to arks and have been smart and put all efforts toward fixing it within 1-7 days before going back to normal, for example meshing, many people have posted the new meshing methods in a ticket as they are found, i personally know 2 extremely easy and broken ways of meshing that have been used against me at least 6 times, I currently am playing dedi as on official I’ve lost over half a years worth of bases due to meshing alone. So yes it is that simple it’s just a matter of them focusing on it, fortunately the best way that the community had a voice was through popular YouTube ark players, now all ark YouTube’s now have devs that they can DM personally to have their issues dealt with. This is a lack of effort put into fixing there game no complexity.
  3. Great a new map ,but you are having it come out in a month for console completely taking away the new experience for console players as we will have to watch videos to learn about the map otherwise we will fall behind, plus meshing ain’t fixed soooo rip
  4. I think it would be best for small tribes to either wipe every 8-10 months or at least have beginner servers that wipe every 2 weeks, people can start up on them then move to the main servers that don’t wipe so soon, another though would be to take take out small tribes as it has been a up a while and is really dying down at this point, as in no one can start up anyone as large tribes have taken over multiple servers, you should make even smaller tribe servers like 3 or 4 man as in the majority of players have a 3-4 person ark playing group. These servers would be best with 3x gathering and 2x breeding just like small tribes. In terms of maps include all maps but make sure to include more aberrations mainly as I noticed their where only 8 small tribe Xbox servers I believe. Extinction, I believe most people will want titans and manas removed, although it is new-ish content and I am sure u don’t want to take something you have recently released away it would only be best for the game as mana pvp is not all that enjoyed as it takes a long time and is does not always result on a winner. With that said I think your best option would be to make a pull to see if people want titans and manas to be non tame able. Of course .although I have not talked about pve, pve should can have manas as they are nice for getting around the map. Meshing, I would recommend that after being sent in proof of a meshing method that you simply take temporarily remove an item or ability used to mesh as meshing has been a problem a long time and their should be much more focus on meshing in particular as it is one of the most game breaking glitch’s that can occur and most devastating for people that have spent hours on end building up their base and breed-lines, that being said some items like chairs where removed in classic pvp, do that for the new servers no matter what they are. Do not release things to “test them out” on PC first, if new content is being released, allow all players to experience it at the same time rather than just see PC play it and sometimes, like 25 man servers, not even release onto consoles. With that said I would also recommend more efforts put toward console problems as I have played both Xbox and PC and noticed that you response time is a significantly quicker for PC player problems than Xbox player problems. Servers to remove, I believe as most of legacy servers are extremely built up and low population. I would recommend just removing them overall, though I do not know much about legacy as I do not play on it anymore. Official servers many of official servers have 3-6 different people log into the server, I would recommend asking those people to move to another server and remove the low pop servers. Small tribes, it has been a good life span but I think it’s about time you put up a pull for small tribes wiping or getting replaced with 3 or 4 man servers, to make it more fun give small tribes a rush period, increase gathering rates and breeding rates and then let the community know that small tribes will be wiping in say a week or something of that nature. This would allow small tribes to go out with a bang, everyone could use all remaining resources and just go all in raiding and defending. Last though is to look at and talk to the creators of MTS servers on PC as they have a way to prevent meshing as well as their beginner servers that I have mentioned previously. I think they have a lot of good ideas for ark and could overall make ark so much greater. I would like to remind you that all of this I would recommend setting up pulls for so the community can choose what we think we would enjoy most.
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