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  1. Okay so my high level giga died doing a purple drop on ps4 last night, Mainly because of the fact that the game kept rapidly and constantly crashing after getting past the 2nd wave. I died, my tribe mate died, my giga died all because the game crashed like 5 times in a role, at a few points the game crashed on the title screen, Reseating the system didn't work I had to literally wait until the game said I can play again and I want my giga back, not going to lie. I lost a good giga to the game faulty coding, a game should crash five times which in turn restricted me from playing the game and
  2. Do we really need a 24 hour for ark data upload? Nothing hurts more then losing stuff to the ark upload because of something in life getting in the way or having it simply slip your mind and in this game which demands you give up real life time for things like Raising babies, taming Dinos, Making times with lower tier times, coming back to make sure your base doesn't auto decay, looking out for dinos to tame if your new (Like gigas or the new crystal wyverns) Etc. It's a bit much, I like the game but for the most part If life kicks in my door I don't want that to be the reason why I lose
  3. Oh...Oh boy... well then you did a horrible job in countering some of my points my boy and you're condescending about it...So let me explain why you failed and should really read a dictionary before doing this next time. One. IF the simulation was going to take into account that making things harder so that people can relay on flying around the map.Then it should have made a map that relates to that, again aberration was the best route to go with that as the map itself showed how and why flyers could not AND would not work there. However, genesis does not do this, AGAIN GENESIS DOES NOT DO
  4. Wow, Reading all of this made me kind of laugh as people defending the DLC are missing a few things and vice versa. All and all this DLC is something, new I get that. However, it does have some really bad and at best questionable, I guess I'll use some from what I saw in this forum alone. One: No flying. I don't get why we can't fly in this map there's no logical reason to have this restriction in play. I see some people saying this is like aberration. Well, this isn't anything like aberration for one so that is just stupid, Aberration was a massive cave network on an ark that was malf
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