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  1. Daily bump. Server hosting company decided to move this from one server to another, so new IP to join by is
  2. Daily bump. Here's a link to the website with a quick connect button https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3668476
  3. Daily bump, still lots of dangerous to build and be eaten!
  4. Daily bump! Server is now a week and a half old. Still lots of room for more people.
  5. Just a daily bump. Still looking for more folks to help us tame Ragnarok.
  6. Here's my daily bump! Still plenty of room for new folks.
  7. Possible to limit large carnivores per tribe? I'm looking into setting up a server with some severe limits on player level, taming and riding dinos both by size and quantity. My vision for the server is a primitive setup that allows taming and riding of up to say a sarco/carno/thylo but limits each player to ONE of that size class, and with ONE large carnivore from say rex or spino per tribe. Is this possible to set up by the game? I have ideas how to do it using something like TC auto rewards, but with that i'd have to manually re-enable say the large dino pack to let a tribe replace their big boy or girl. Anything like what i have envisioned possible within the Ark code?
  8. Daily bump. Still lots of room for more folks to play.
  9. Just a daily bump! Server is starting to pick up, last night we got up to six players on at the same time. Still plenty of room for more.
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