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  1. Going to give this a bump and hope I get some help this really is driving me nuts
  2. Spaced Panda - Too Old to play? Doe's let's play and challenges she also streams on Twitch. I find her quite charming if Old English ladies who are scared of everything are your thing. Also, Recommend Syntac Phlinger Phoo Unite The Clans
  3. That's Exactly what mine looks like. Also, even a full clean install didn't fix this
  4. Has anyone encountered a bug with the Crossbow having a missing/bugged mesh/texture? What I mean is it look like a loose collection of polygons in a somewhat crossbow shaped manner. The Arms are there but only half the string a really funked up arrow and the entire receiver is just a mess of polygons. It's just the crossbow that has this problem. Everything else works fine. I don't know if It's GPU driver issue or something I'm Running on an RX570 but it seems so bizarre that it's just this one item. Everything else from the simple spear to the Tek rifle is just fine.If anyone has managed to fix this please let me know I've Tried everything from validating game files to resolution reset every possible combination of graphics settings nothing seems to help. It's hard to play the game when a weapon you are going to need either for fighting or just utility for practically the entire game makes you sick to your stomach to look at xD The only thing I haven't tried in a full reinstall but I'm loathed to do that Ark is a massive game and I'd rather not wait 6-8 hours for it to download with my connection D:
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