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  1. Ark recruitment - Age: 16 - Gender: M - Are you in a tribe: No - Days Played: 83 or 2000 hours - Your skills: Breeding and Farming - Favorite task/job: breeding, farming, pvp - How can you help the tribe: anything thats needed - Timezone: Alaska - When can you be on: whenever needed - How long a day are you on: 6-12 hrs
  2. i joined a tribe and i played with them for a year now and i join their tribe on an extinction small tribe. i realized that they've converted to meshing and i don't think of it that much then i get banned. i don't support meshing (note i told them, we should not be doing this and that we were gonna get banned) then i get banned, i understand this ban but like they didn't even use this exploit to ruin the game, they just used it to build a base. we found this spot because there is a giant ass hole that you could drop in, like god damn wildcard please fix your damn game! I never even gone on a single raid and it sucks because i only have roughly 600 hours
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