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  1. Hello everybody! I have got a really bad problem with ARK Singleplayer. Recently, I have added the "AlwaysAllowStructurePickUp=True" to my GameUserSettings.ini in "D:\Games\ARK Survival Evolved\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor". So, picking up structures worked at the beginning, but then when I changed a key-assignment for a whistle in the settings it stopped working completely. Then I deleted the GameUserSettings.ini because I thought something was buggy there. After starting ARK the file re-created itself and I applied my graphic settings and so on. Finally I added "AlwaysAllowStructurePickUp=True" to my GameUserSettings.ini, but still it is not working and now I want to ask you for your help. The game version is up-to-date and I have attached my GameUserSettings.ini to this post. Thank you in advance! GameUserSettings.ini
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