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  1. Nowhere in the terms of service does it say you can't showcase exploits on platforms Wildcard don't own such as Youtube. It only covers Wildcard's official websites and their game itself. Check their code of conduct if you don't believe me. If you're on official you have been meshed before at least once. There is no way that people haven't been exposed to meshing if they play official. People deserve to know the truth and see how easy it is so they know exactly what kind of game they're playing. If the developers cannot protect these players from meshers I think they should at least be
  2. You're saying he should have stayed banned for exposing an issue which has plagued Ark since release? That's ludicrous. Also reporting bugs and exploits the way Wildcard ask doesn't work. What HOD did was expose a real problem this game has been facing for 3 years now to the public. There was nothing wrong with what he did. It needs to be talked about and it needs to be constantly brought up to these developers or else they will ignore their community like they have been for the last 3 years. Also even if he did make the video because he got ignored and meshed... why can't he? What's your
  3. I can't name any other highly successful game which is riddled as badly with bugs and exploits as this game is. Most developers fix MAJOR issues as fast as they can. Wildcard are not like most developers. You all need to accept the harsh reality that this game is never getting fixed.
  4. This stuff is neat and all but there is still stuff on Extinction which REALLY needs balancing. Managarmr has ridiculous range on an already OP attack. I'd also mention Titans but they're pretty self explanatory.
  5. Atlas? The game that looked just like Ark and was accidentally uploaded onto Ark Survival Evolved's own youtube channel 4 months ago only to be removed shortly afterwards? The game people mistook for a DLC because it's mostly all of Arks original assets? Yeah... no. Snailgames already tried that with ArkPark, Dark and Light and Pixark. No thank you lol
  6. Shake up the pvp meta how exactly? By putting themselves on top and if you attack them you get banned??? This is actually hilarious I feel so bad for you Wildcard
  7. This is still not fixed? LMAO yikes. I filed a report about this a long time ago using the method they recommended on this forum. I guess they're all too busy working on DLC than focus on fixing their game...
  8. That looks like an amazing mount but I bet it's not a mount and is actually a shoulder pet LMAO Prepare for disappointment fellas
  9. Do you guys realise how disappointed everyone was with the extinction event? lmao
  10. Nice! Dunno how you plan on enforcing some the rules on the small tribe servers though. I don't see how sharing breed lines even matters considering people may steal eggs anyway and I have no clue how you would catch people doing that in the first place. Also what stops somebody from fighting off a raid from one tribe only to get hit by a 2nd tribe in a similar time frame who learns that they're weak??? Will that count as a "joint raid"? Would the tribes get banned for that? I am very interested in seeing what you guys implement to actually police all of this! Do you have some kind of hi
  11. RED vs BLUE TRIBE WARFARE There could be a wall between two parts of the map which stops the teams from fighting early game. The players build up, tame and craft as fast as they can (very boosted rates) and then after the timer reaches 0 the wall separating both teams collapses. Then the two teams fight to the death until 1 team has completely wiped out the other team. Certain things shouldn't be allowed though, such as Plant Y as they are often spammed in pvp. All engrams unlocked Fast paced PVP Losing doesn't feel punishing Little time investment needed An
  12. It does look like a basilisk! Awesome
  13. Maybe the queen is the large creature behind the others in the trailer.
  14. It looks like the Liopleurodon got bitten by a vampire from twilight
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