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  1. This stuff is neat and all but there is still stuff on Extinction which REALLY needs balancing. Managarmr has ridiculous range on an already OP attack. I'd also mention Titans but they're pretty self explanatory.
  2. Ryuk

    Desert titan allowed on Aberration is wrong

    Should any of the extinction creatures be allowed on extinction though? I thought the plan for aberration was only to allow native creatures but I suppose Wildcard totally forgot about that.
  3. Ryuk

    MEK on ABB is to much?!?!?!?!?

    Don't worry guys Wildcard have finished their DLC and are now focusing on their kibble rework! ??????
  4. Ryuk

    So who is moving to Atlas?

    I don't like paying for the same content over and over. I didn't buy ArkPark, I didn't buy Dark and Light, I didn't buy PixArk and I for sure as hell won't be buying Atlas. Why? Well because I think purchasing this game blindly would be a poor investment. I also haven't seen enough to make me want to buy this game. Everything they had said I struggle to believe until I actually see it as I have little faith in Wildcard, Snailgames and any other company connected to them. Oh, and I saw the trailer. All I saw was reskinned creatures and a few interesting things (such as ships, ocean physics, water bosses) which I imagine could easy be implemented into current Ark via mod. The megalodons model was altered slightly into a hammerhead shark. The hydra greatly resembles the model from snailgames Dark and Light. The cyclops also resembles the one from dark and light. There is also a reskinned rock elemental from Ark. The fire elemental next to the rock elemental in the trailer is a clear reskin of the one in dark and light also. Then there is everything they were too lazy to change in this game. I genuinely feel like they are just getting lazy at this point and want to milk easy money. To me Atlas looks just like all the other Ark clones that came before it (ArkPark, Dark and Light, PixArk). I do not care for reskins. I do not care for buying content I already purchased. From watching the trailer I did not get the impression of a new game. Once it releases and I see actual gameplay maybe I might change my mind... but do I want to buy it on release? No thank you. If you are willing to splash about £20-$30 on this game feel free. I just ask that you wait to see the true state of this game before you decide to buy or not. It may flop very much like the clone attempts before it. Also keep in mind that the current state of Ark is not in a very good place right now after 3 years of development. Even if Atlas becomes popular it may end up suffering the exact same issues Ark does. Do you think they are willing to fix issues if they can't even be bothered to invest time into brand new content such as creatures for their new game?? To me it all seems like it's rushed with quantity over quality. So yeah, I imagine this game will fair rather poorly in all honesty.
  5. Ryuk

    new game: Atlas

    If that's the case why are they being lazy and not working on new models?
  6. Ryuk

    new game: Atlas

    In the latest trailer the creatures in this game are reskins of assets they already own. The megalodons model was altered slightly into a hammerhead shark. The hydra greatly resembles the model from snailgames Dark and Light. The cyclops also resembles the one from dark and light. There is also a reskinned rock elemental from Ark. The fire elemental next to the rock elemental in the trailer is a clear reskin of the one in dark and light also. The structures textures haven’t even been changed in this new game. They are just getting lazy. How many times are they going to keep doing this? ArkPark, Dark and Light, Pixark and now this? Sure Atlas has different people working on it but it's basically the exact same thing. They are selling people reskins. Barely anything in this "new" game is actually new. It could have been implemented into Ark as a mod or as a DLC but no. They clearly want people to pay around £20 for this. Think very wisely before purchasing this game. Most of the other Ark clones flopped hard.
  7. Ryuk

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    Atlas? The game that looked just like Ark and was accidentally uploaded onto Ark Survival Evolved's own youtube channel 4 months ago only to be removed shortly afterwards? The game people mistook for a DLC because it's mostly all of Arks original assets? Yeah... no. Snailgames already tried that with ArkPark, Dark and Light and Pixark. No thank you lol
  8. Ryuk


    Yeah... They really went all out with this DLC and made the most ridiculous broken content yet. I understand they wanted it to impress their fans as it's the last DLC but they really should have thought about balance. They honestly need somebody on their team who has common sense to say "Wait guys this isn't a good idea" to balance out their game. Also I find it absolutely hilarious that they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
  9. Ryuk

    Gacha best loot???

    So apparently you feed them owl poop and they give you random free gear of various qualities (primative to ascendant). From what I've seen you can tame a very low level one and they can give very good armour, longnecks and snipers! What is the best stuff you got from them??? The image above was the ascendant gear the youtuber HOD got from a Gacha
  10. Ryuk

    Update on Conquest Servers

    Shake up the pvp meta how exactly? By putting themselves on top and if you attack them you get banned??? This is actually hilarious I feel so bad for you Wildcard
  11. Considering the whole issue with meshing that has been plaguing the community for a very long time I have thought of a way to reduce the effectiveness of this. Player made maps. Wildcard themselves will most likely never fix their maps, but it doesn't mean a competent modder couldn't solve the issue themselves. A long time ago when I was playing the center, I discovered a kill boundary within a hole in the side of the world. When I tried to crawl into the hole I took 500 damage and dropped dead straight away. This however could be implemented in many other places. Could a kill boundary just below the mesh not work? I understand it would be a LOT of work on an already made map (so I don't expect wildcard do implement this themselves) but couldn't this effectively reduce meshing from happening??? A well made map that has a kill boundary below the mesh would actually be a major step up from the current maps we have. I understand the mesh of many maps is not flat and there is caves and other complications involved but I genuinely believe this could be done if a person was dedicated enough. If you're a map creator I highly suggest you look into this. There is a real niche right now for good maps.
  12. Ryuk

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Did wildcard ever comment on this injustice? Or are they just ignoring the whole thing until it goes away?
  13. Ryuk

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    I posted about this yesterday and I didn't even use the word "ban" once in my post. Then my post got deleted and I received a warning from a moderator for discussing a ban. All I really said was that the devs should fix their game instead of punishing their player base for their own mistakes. So yeah... constructive criticism isn't allowed apparently. ?
  14. Ryuk

    Pick up dinos with Argy

    This is still not fixed? LMAO yikes. I filed a report about this a long time ago using the method they recommended on this forum. I guess they're all too busy working on DLC than focus on fixing their game...
  15. Ye... Never going to happen. Wildcard would prefer to paint over the cracks.