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  1. I bred my rexes and got a crap ton of eggs, so far I've only hatched one but, I cryopoded it. I'm gonna raise them one at a time.
  2. So happy Xbox will be getting this one!!! I hope they have Rock Drakes. And Kariknos.
  3. I play on high rate servers I got a village in one day
  4. Well my favorite dinos got killed so my favorite land is an allo, but my favorite flier is by far the griffin
  5. What's ur Favorite dino (not stat-wise)? My favorite dino is my Pteranodon, his name is Cpt. Slobber
  6. I made a chem bench, assault rifle, and pump shotgun and wait for it... a GIGA! And btw, just wanted to know, did any of u lke the song I posted yesterday? XD
  7. yeah, like the ascend, the cheats are cheat playercommand Ascend1* u must capitalize Ascend or it wont work *u can replace 1 with a number 1-3 1 meaning gamma Ascension and 3 meaning alpha Ascension. if u want to rach max level, do cheat playercommand ABAscend3
  8. Not much today. Raided some beaver dams (they weren't happy about it though). Also I worked on a small outpost/base at the Hidden Lake, it looks okay. I harvested thousands of crystal and metal (my rates are on 50.0) I listened to Survival Evolved Neebs Gaming (I'll insert the link btw, theres two videos). Other than that, nothing else. Survival Evolved Survival Evolved
  9. Well today i placed some turret towers around my base built part of my tek wall.
  10. The only achievement affected by gfi codes is retrieve all the artifacts personally. That's because, there's a command to spawn them in.
  11. I play on Xbox, but I think pc is right click to pick up.
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