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  1. I bred my rexes and got a crap ton of eggs, so far I've only hatched one but, I cryopoded it. I'm gonna raise them one at a time.
  2. So happy Xbox will be getting this one!!! I hope they have Rock Drakes. And Kariknos.
  3. I made a chem bench, assault rifle, and pump shotgun and wait for it... a GIGA! And btw, just wanted to know, did any of u lke the song I posted yesterday? XD
  4. Not much today. Raided some beaver dams (they weren't happy about it though). Also I worked on a small outpost/base at the Hidden Lake, it looks okay. I harvested thousands of crystal and metal (my rates are on 50.0) I listened to Survival Evolved Neebs Gaming (I'll insert the link btw, theres two videos). Other than that, nothing else. Survival Evolved Survival Evolved
  5. Well today i placed some turret towers around my base built part of my tek wall.
  6. I play on Xbox, but I think pc is right click to pick up.
  7. I was on Scorched Earth today. I decided to go look for a cave. It freaking took me 15 mins to find the cave entrance. And once I got in there I said screw it and left cuz i didn't feel like doing it.
  8. Single Player-Island-cheat (rarely) so today i cheated in an industrial forge and chem bench. They the fastest things you ever saw.
  9. You know, the usual Oversser boss fight XD. I went to my base in the to the north and brought some of the animals from there to my base in the south with my quetzal.
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