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  1. I’m still waiting on any announcements whatsoever with duo servers
  2. A while back fishing was needed into the ground, it’s sad because it’s a really cool mechanic, I would personally love for it to at least have a use again, even if was more difficult and not as overpowered and cheap as before. I would personally prefer if it was more difficult and costed more, but you got mid range quality bps, and in 25 cases you would get an ascendant bp with a mc/asc rod, but I would also hate for primitive rods to be absolutely useless. If you have a better idea, reply this post.
  3. Wildcard has been significantly improving in being outright about what’s going on, have been reaching out to their community more, and banning meshers
  4. This was the least informative community crunch yet... community crunches are to inform the community. Right? So how come Cedric told us more on twitter in the last 24 hours than the author(s) to this weeks crunch? (Author listed as “Studio Wildcard”)
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