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  1. Our gen 2 919 server has been down the same amount of time (5 hours) filled out server outage form,and many others have done the same,and still no server XD Gotta love wildcard.
  2. Just tried to log in and have gotten that exact same message on 644,keeps kicking me out after 2 mins,report it in server outages my friend.
  3. Gen 644 came back online after 310.29 well......came online for 2 mins then crashed and aint come back lol,what a raptoring show this is Congrats on ruining more imprint timers and wasting more of my time this week,just awesome WC.
  4. well our server Gen 644 crashes about 8-10 times in the space of about 8 hours,more or less on 255 ping 70% of the time. At first i also thought it was duping that some of the shady chinese guys we have,but i honestly think its just really bad networking on wildcards part right now.
  5. As far as i know,this lag and disconnecting from the server,ping at 255 has been going on all genesis servers.So this must mean every genesis server has dupers on it? You need some kind of proof before you can start shouting FIRE!!!
  6. I would just like to say thanks WC for adding the 2x taming,you didnt have too,and was a very nice thing to do.This will make things alot easyier for a solo player like myself and many others,and free up alot of my time over this event cheers guys!!!
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