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  1. Same exact thing just happened to us on Extinction 458. What the hell is going on....
  2. I've made countless server reports as have my friends..... seriously over a week now, this has been an issue where are the devs?!
  3. Aberration 273 PvE stuck at 255 Ping for days now Our Aberration 273 NA PvE Server has become unplayable, and it has been days now yet no fix still. Bug and outage reports have been sent in, and nothing is being done still. We're all missing out on the last few days of the event now.
  4. Our Rag server crashes constantly, had to give up after I experienced 10-15 DC's and crashes within a couple hours. And now, Aberration 273 has become unplayable due to a stuck 255 Ping error for days now, with NO fixes insight. Out of 5 servers I'm on, 2 are remotely stable. PLEASE fix this constant issue that only seems to be getting worse.
  5. @Cedric Can you please provide us with any updates at all? You said you were monitoring this thread, so we're really hoping to hear something...
  6. I've been enjoying the presents and the addiction to trying to get all the rare chibis! ;__; But I guess I'm lucky, I play on two really great servers that for the most part, are super considerate of others when it comes to the presents. We all are respectful if someones there at a gift first, and we move onto the next one. Definitely have had a couple people steal, but our server calls them out and we give them a taste of their own medicine lol. Though on my Rag server, it's a completely different story and I don't even bother playing there at this point. The amount of toxicity in one server is insaneeeeee, and truly very pathetic lol. Really sad to see so many not getting to enjoy the event, purely because there are so many toxic, greedy players out there. :[ I suppose we gotta just try and enjoy the event as best as we can though! Anddddd, Merry Christmas to everyone!
  7. Lol imagine how I felt when I logged and saw a lvl 300+ corrupted rex, INSIDE my base one morning. Apparently there were spawn issues around the city, and my base happened to be on top of said issue lmao. Happened twice, destroyed an entire wall of my base too. Spammed some pillars and ceilings all around my base and that killed all the spawns, and base was safe. But um yeah. Ark is real great like that.
  8. Oh awesome, glad to see they saw it and hopefully it gets fixed ASAP!!
  9. On PvE, it definitely gets bad especially on our EXTREMELY toxic Rag server. The people there are just horrible and so dang toxic, makes me not even wanna log lol. However on my Extinction and Aberration server, most of the people there are super respectful, and we all show common courtesy towards one another... which is seriously so rare in this game. Definitely sucks that there are people going out of their way to ruin people's time though. Such grinches. :<
  10. Couple Ankys, Karkinos, light pet, whip, and you're set lol. I like to fill both ankys and then just hop each one back to my base, completely item-capped with metal. When I farm with my tribemate, we bring 2 ankys + 2 karkinos and one farms on anky while being held by the karkinos by other tribemate, and once ankys are filled, we each hop back to base. Think we managed to wipe out an entire patch of metal within 20 minutes, got about 300k metal ingots from that event (was 8x I believe). Oh, you need good music too. Very good music, then you're set.
  11. Holy crap you're a genius, literally never tried this thinking the gachas would just eat them! >< Do you just feed them random seeds, or can you feed them anything really? I'm totally trying this out later today!
  12. Yeah I'm about ready to call it quits on drops and veins til this is fixed. I spent all my time on a purple drop to get to Wave 8, nearly complete and drop was at 50k health still and then suddenly it just vanishes. Literally just poofs in front of my face, as I'm right beside it... I didn't leave render or anything, I was in the middle of defending it and it just poofed. Many of others on my server report the same issues especially with veins.... It sucks, I LOVE doing drops but it's now a 50/50 risk even doing them.
  13. Same issue both with vein and a purple drop I was in the middle of, and it literally just despawned right in front of me while on Wave 8. It was at 50k health still, and I was right by it... and poof, gone. Also have heard many people on my server have the same issues. Crazy that this isn't fixed...
  14. ^ THIS. Those who are saying "ohhhh it's not useless ya'll being dramatic blahblahblah", have clearly not ridden them before OR after the update. I literally have screamed from frustration that the update has caused for manas because they are absolutely bugged and laggy to the point of being unsuable, on top of the bullpoop nerf. It's incredibly sad that we can't even use them anymore on the very map they were created for. What's next, will owls and griffins be nerfed too cuz that dive is too OP? I mean seriously, I just wanna understand the logic of this nerf, if there even is any.
  15. I literally never post on forums yet have to comment on just how disappointing this is for everyone on PvE that uses these as main travel. They have been rendered literally useless now, especially on the very map they were CREATED for. I can't even hop on cliffs or levels in the city on Extinction without a huge struggle, between the lag, render issues, and now this stupid change with the jumps and dash. They were literally made for the purpose of jumping onto these elevated platforms, and you have just taken that feature away. I have looked forward to my Christmas break to breed up some awesome Manas for the past 3 months, as they really have been one of my favorite additions to this game. Though I can't speak for everyone, I've really found traveling and exploring these maps far more interesting and fun in general, and I find myself rarely using teles even. I LOVED taking the time to just have fun and dash around like a mad woman. And yet, you guys have ruined your own creation within a single day, without having the player's best interest in mind at all. Breeders have now wasted hundreds of hours building these lines of Manas, now to have them become completely unusable. It's ridiculous, considering the time we spend on these things and how quickly you guys make game-changing alterations that feel like a giant "F you" to all of us. I understand PvP needs balancing, but PvE is NOT the same and please stop treating it the same. Figure it out so it doesn't hurt your PvE player base, and STOP punishing the players that still continue to support you despite the poop that is constantly being pulled that affects us. I've tolerated a lot of this crap so far as have many here, but this is where I draw the line. If you're going to essentially make a specific map-based dino useless, then what makes me think you won't nerf every dino on Genesis? I have no motive to buy the DLC knowing you guys could just render them useless too, so there's literally no point in throwing my money at that. After what has happened to Velos and Manas, which were a huge part of why I even bought Extinction, I have little faith that this will only be repeated with Genesis. Please do better and actually listen to what we're saying. You guys really messed up with this one, so I truly hope you correct this.
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