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  1. On nitrado expert mode the shootergamenode line is at the top. I put the unlock under that and nothing. Any idea if they is another stting that is overriding it?
  2. On Nitrado's Expert mode their is... gameuser.ini engine.ini game.ini I need to place in this code to unlock all engrams at Lvl 1, including Tek... bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true I placed it in game.ini at the bottom but no luck. Any ideas?
  3. Sonoske

    Auto unlock engrams shouldn't unlock tekgrams

    exactly where do you put this code? can i just copy bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true and place it at the bottom of game.ini? Because i tried and to no avail.
  4. "Corvos Light RP-PvP" is Recruiting for our Prim+ Nitrado Server. Settings are x10 including weight with increased Dino Levels and 2x on some player Stats. We also have a 45Min ORP delay and server events are done weekly. Feel free to message "Vim" over xbox if you have any questions. Server is 32Slots and will be upgraded as we grow.
  5. I read a post by Why Watt on Steam that basically explained what i have been looking for for some time now. All i want to do is modify a specific dino's base stat in the ini. For example... Changing all flyers base speed stat to 200 from its original 100. I know it is possible to change all dinos stats this way, which i would also like to know how to do if i cannot find what i originally wanted. I have come across quite a few posts all over the internet but cannot find anything on it. Yet i hear some servers have this option set up without mods. But in the end if i end up like everyone else i would like to know how to globally change all dinos base speed stat. Ill try to counter it with reduced speed stat per level.
  6. I love the boss fight and i love Ragnarok & its wonderful Griffin. But i was sad to see a large number of stuff missing. Here is what i found so far that is missing from launch. Clearly this stuff was advertised and hyped before launch. Ice Wyvern Remodel Phoenix for Scortched Otter Tek Sword & Shield Gear for Phoenix riding And lets not even get into Ragnarok itself. It may have the 1st expansion in it. But it is missing Wyvern Nests in both Scars as well as Ice Wyvern Nests in the snow. I also spent like 6 hours looking for an Ice Wyvern. I ended up spawning one in and saw its old model. I was very disappointed to see all these things not make it in. It makes me wonder what else are we missing, oh i know one of them... A 3rd Delay on Nitrado Servers. Honestly the xbox playerbase gives no ***** about PC crossplay. We would rather be able to rent Nitrado servers for xbox. Crossplay can come later.
  7. I got on this morning, spawned in a Gryphon because Ragnarok is Locked even though i have Ascended on bother PD Servers, SP & Official. So u flew it around, it was awesome. Then tried Multiple Commands for tue Ice Wyvern and could not spawn it in. I gave up and tried a ton of Commands for the Phoenix and Otter and once again no luck. I also noticed we are missing the Tek Shield and Sword enfram along with whatever fire retardant suit we need to ride the Phoenix. What gives? I cannot even unlock Ragnarok! The ascend2 command does not work on xbox. I am really disappointed 😰
  8. It would not take up much memory at all. If anything the resources could generate IDs at a specific time after mined. In theory you could dupe resources if they were set up that way but honestly going out and mining metal only to try to upload it before the IDs reset would not be worth it as the time it would take to dupe a small batch wouldn't be worth it. I think with that being said raw materials should not be allowed to be uploaded. Things like CP could generate when you get it or shortly after. But metal and other Raw materials could just not be uploaded. As for stacks of items they could generate a stack ID from 2-100 losing the individual ID. Once they are split up they regenerate a new ID or hold their own. That alone sounds exploitable but once again as soon as it hits the Obilisk its IDs are logged.
  9. We'll start off with duping. The only way i can see fixing it without disabling cross ark is to give every item and creature tamed a Unique ID that is setup a specific way. To prevent accidental duplicate IDs across multiple servers start the ID off with the server number, timestamp then by a random generation of numbers and letters. For Example. C4 on Server 1106 made on Aug 30th at 21:31. ID 11062131-7D89VM1950 C4 on Server 34 made on Aug 30th at 21:31. ID 00342131-2Z961LB70P This method of ID Generation would make it HIGHLY unlikely that 2 Ids would be generated across all servers. Then if someone happened to Dupe, the items then would be immediately despawned. Each server will check their local IDs as well as the Shared Obelisk for duplicates. So if an item with the same ID exists in an Obilisk while also existing on any server both items will be deleted. Each server will not have to communicate with each other as that would be a technical nightmare in its own. Instead each server searches for the ids of their local location as well as the Globally items placed in the Obilisk. This would stop localized duping as well as trading dupes such as Duping a giga to bring to a different server. Now onto Cross Ark... The first thing needing changed is where player characters are stored and how they can move around servers. I personally believe that all of your characters should be accessed from the main menu. They are saved not on one server but in a separate CHARACTER CLOUD with the location of what server they are located on at that time. If you then choose to move your character you can do so by simply joining any other server and clicking download survivor. You would then get a prompt that you are being moved from another server and may lose any items in your inventory. Doing this would stop the loss of characters during transfers and allow you to easily move your character if all drops and Obelisks are blocked. My final section is about a complete Rework of cross ark. It is rather simple but i feel it would better the game. Whether or not Wildcard wants to admit it but Cross Ark truly ruined the game and birthed tons if glitches and griefing methods. A new take on cross ark would be Clusters. Each Server will be on a cluster with 5 or more of each map. For example Server 1, 2, 3 & 4 are all on a single cluster with the following maps Island, Center, Scortched & Ragnarok along with servers 5-20. This cluster allows full transfer of all dinos, items and characters. When new maps are addareto the game they can be added each cluster when released. You could still setup trades between the cluster so cross ark trading would still be thing. I feel would be easier to manage in case of some sort of glitch came up. This would also stop the griefing of tribes following other to different server. If a tribe cannot stand to be around another and that tribe gets wiped they can simply jump to another cluster. This is also where the character storage changes come into play. It would be wise to allow characters to freely transfer to any cluster with a cooldown each time they move characters to another cluster. All in all i feel these changes will ultimately make the game a better place.
  10. Does anyone know if this is possible to do? I know you can set all the Engrams Level and Cost but what about Tek Engrams? Could i make them all unlock at 100 and require them to cost points? I want people to play on Ragnarok with Tek. I also have plans to host an island server as well but i would like Engrams to have no boss requirement.
  11. Sonoske

    Ark: Survivor Evolved

    Well i am glad official release is coming. It has been a very fun rough patch buy we got there. One thing we all should think about. Crossplay! Yes Crossplay seems to be forgotten in the midst of you losing your duped server or other various complaints. I personally think they should have just Wiped them all, trust me you may have said "i quit" but you would have gone back. Starting fresh us fun anyway. Now back to Crossplay. Imagine what legacy Crossplay will look like? PC Dupers vs Xbox Dupers, your world just got bigger. As for the new servers the same thing applies. You know have 2 community's from two platforms converging on one. It will definitely be fun. On a side note i for one would love to see all official servers with a new and improved variation of ORP along with the Official S+ integration. ORP is buggy right now and easily exploitable. But for the most part i think it makes server wide PvP much more engaging and relaxing. Without removing the competitive trollyness. I for one will be tucked away on my own Rented server. But i do hope these New Officials are awesomely done. One thing that has really killed the game is duping. To the point that i feel removing Item and Dino downloads was and is still needed. You will see less DDoSers i am sure as most of them use Web Booters or other payed Booters. However the true blackhats with huge Servers will still be able to knock out a Game server to dupe. So it will truly never go away. At least on Rented servers you have more interactive staff that can act on dupers immediately. None the less i am excited to see all the new content, as well as ride on a phoenix with ice dragons on follow. I hope everyone else is excited!
  12. Sonoske


    Its about time we hear something about the 29th. The trailer was ok i suppose. I am just interested in the Nitrado Server. I already have the funds for a 100 player Ragnarok & Island Cluster. I just wish they would release it already. My guess is that they needed to work on it more for crossplay with PC. None the less i am excited. As for all the Legacy servers being taken down slowly i think that is great. The duping there is terrible along with all the clutter. I for one think the Legacy Alphas should just quit complaining and make a few giant server breaking tribes for the new servers. They will have to eventually. I thank Wildcard for finally finishing Ark. Maybe now the game will run better. Probably not but hey, what game isn't full of bugs on release nowadays.
  13. Sonoske

    Did we deserve it?

    They They randomly came on the server one day. Their was a casual DDoSer that bragged about the lag he could cause and knocking players off for like a few minute. We wiped him a few times and he was not that big of a threat. We saw his argument with the DDoSing tribe. After said tribe said they just hit him off and we saw that he was off we reacted with justice against the DDoSers. We wiped them a few times. Then after about a week they were back in force. It started by getting us all in their party to start some sort of alliance. We refused and that was that. I was on a VPN they could not hit and the other two leaders called their ISP for an IP change. Our Lt. logged in on his phones wifi then switched back. Our biggest mistake was greed. We let them build up so when we wiped them we would get something out of it. When that time came we hit them. They hit/restarted the server 5 times or so. In the end we wiped them and they killed an afk giga and some Argies. They continued this time with more and more hits followed by threatening or promising recruitment to the smaller tax payers. They managed to get a lot of our members in parties. Then would invite the DDoSers. They would log IPs and threatened even more. Eventually this turned into what i talked about in the OP. It was complete crap. The war between us was brutal. More so they got very very big. Because they would advertise their failsafe. So when knocking the server off only they knew when exactly to connect. So it was hard to get the few we had in. If we would have kept noob wiping them it is possible that they could have just moved on. But letting them Root themselves was a mistake. They held out for over 4 months of back and forth BS as well as the big cease fire that let us and them Recover. Thats what happend in the background i suppose.
  14. I have already chopped up the Funds for a 100 Player High End Ragnarok server on Xbox. My question is about tossing the island on a cluster so as to let tribes unlock tek engrams. To save money and server management i am planning on running The Island as well. But with low end hardware, limited building and for the sole purpose of only letting tribes use it for Boss Fights. I am curious about setting it up with low hardware and 20 Slots with a Password that they get from the Ragnarok server. So whats a good build for settings? I want to limit building as i do not want a tribe trying to Own it. Will disabled Engrams Hurt them during transfers? What could i do to stop building besides logging onto it wiping data?
  15. Sonoske

    Ragnarok Tek Engrams?

    I noticed that Both the Manticore & Dragon are on Ragnarok. Will they give all of the Engrams? Does Ragnaroks Custom bosses give Engrams? Does Ragnarok have the spider and ape as well?