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  1. yes but you cannot tame "forbidden" creatures like the griffin or Wyverns, anything not native to the island is broken and unusable and we still have no word as to if or when we will be getting said DLCs
  2. Early April; not a word has been spoken about DLC we don't even have the kibble rework yet and its been some time since it's been released. i understand that it might be hard to port and make such things but January is when we were told the DLCs would come and nothing. i just want one of three things 1. Homestead Patch 2.(any) DLCs 3. Wildcard supported mods (S+, Primitive + etc.)
  3. if you go in Creative mode (GCM) using console commands and type "gfi Sniper 1 1 0" you will be given the TekGram for a Tek Railgun. i play on the switch with 0 DLCs and this railgun is only on Aberration. it is currently unusable even with "learnengrams" on. try this for yourselves and see what i mean. this 100% hints to a new boss and/or new Tekgrams. Have a nice day and thanks for reading also
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