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  1. Argent + anky + whip. Overburden the hell out the anky and use a good weight argent to carry the anky back, leave all the metal on the anky. I pick up the anky and move him node to node. For nodes close together i use the whip. The spots i have i get an easy 5-10 k metal a trip. More on 2x weekends
  2. asking for a friend ? lol
  3. Yes... For just meat runs alone its worth it.
  4. Would be cool if the different armor values changed up the look of the saddle on the dino
  5. Youtubers need content and views... Some are dbags and just click bate, others put some thought into their predictions. In the end its just entertainment.
  6. Ank , something so satisfying watching huge rocks blow up
  7. It was nice to see them being more vocal this time around.
  8. Using Ramps work, But Sloped Ceiling tiles work way better and have the gacha sitting in a better position, and you can set up 8 owls , 4 in the middle of the two gachas and two each on the outsides. when you are working them hard if you don't have a stockpile of owl puke already you can run out fast with just two owls each gacha.
  9. Pretty much the only way to make sure you are safe is to buy a second copy of the game (when it goes on steam sale) , get everything you need on you main and never leave your server with it. You use your second account to handle farming boss's and transfering servers. Crappy way of dealing with it but it is what it is.
  10. Transfering off my regular Rag server and back , always gives me super anxiety because of this possiblitly .
  11. lol work an exchange of you playing some uggg forkknife with her for her playing some arklife with you.
  12. They are a nice idea and make building faster, but it kinda sucks that they don't share the over all model of the single walls. ie no wood cross on the back of them.
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