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  1. P.S love the game and the devs (around 4 thousand hours) but your very hard to love sometimes. Can't wait for gen 2 tho looks AWESOME
  2. The "ark" is the space station your on, it was always a sci fi game
  3. Just wondering if the new hatcheries can take insect \ bloodstalker eggs ? I fear not
  4. Not trying to be a smartass, genuinely curious. Says in forum guidlines the moderators can't even address technical issues, so if the devs don't see it what's the point of the forum ?
  5. Me and my mate got kicked around 8pm est. Can't join any na extinction servers now. There still up with people in them but can't join from australia
  6. Can't join any na extinction servers from australia, crashed about an hour ago. My teamate is stuck in the wasteland heeeelp wildcard
  7. Am I the only one who's glad HOD got banned ? Whatever his intentions were the result is a lot more people are meshing because they learned it from him, he's creating the problem he's complaining about. Also loving homestead update. Keep up the good work WC
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