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  1. Must not be a thing for ps4 then
  2. Please make solo/duo a thing.
  3. Starter Servers With all the super tribes, getting started in ark is impossible. For this reason most players will not even bother. Now imagine a server designed for new players. Wiped every 2 or 3 months. New characters only Transferrable out, but not in. Upload works, but not download. 2x turret damage No golems or gigas Island, center, and ragnarok maps only.
  4. We are all waiting, while not playing the game, for x2 or x3 breeding/maturation. Unless tou make this 1 change, nothing else matters and your game is already dead because of it.
  5. Look, im solo, i managed to get get all kinds of top lines through raiding and the only problem was the maturation times. Being solo i cant maintain a crazy base, so i have to find hiding spot for a few hrs to raise dinosaurs, many babys get killed by raiders, but some make it. And then I finally get giga babys and that maturation time made me totally quit the game. If you please bring back 2x maturation i would love this game so much. Honestly x3 or 4 would be bettet but x2 is nessasary
  6. I like the idea of a maximum level achieveable by mutation, as in before putting levels into. Maybe 500% melee damage for all creatures.
  7. Solo duo trios please please please
  8. Nobody wants to play single player, as in offline by yourself, but solo duo or trio servers would be amazing. And unoffical servers wipe constantly and loose their player base after the 1st week of server life. Offical solo duo or trio is the only option that a majority of players would be willing to play. Sure ark is still ark all the exploits, heres the thing, none of that matter, if you play solo duo trio already, you already deal with all of that, we still want these servers even if people get offlined, but honestly true pvpers are gunna come at you online, and yeah offline turret inc
  9. Solo/Duo/Trio tribes I think a server like small tribes but smaller would be amazing, and im sure everyone else would enjoy it as well. I think you have small tribes, and then another server for solo duo trio. Any of those options could work, as many players are solo or duo this would give anybody a chance to be competitive. Increased rates significantly including maturation, allowing you to get into the action quickly and recover from being wiped or killed in pvp much easier. Maybe a longer upload timer on these servers 36 hrs minimum would be nice.
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