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  1. I play on an S my other half plays on an X and we’re side by side in the same room on the same server so we’ve kind of experimented a bit in comparing our game. Performance wise there doesn’t seem to be a noticeable difference, sometimes things seem to load quicker on the X (like accessing storage) but the graphics on the X are certainly better with a few extra graphics features (I’m jealous that I don’t get a moon at night! ) and the render distance seems to be better on the X - if we walk away from each other I can been seen on his screen but I can’t see him on mine for example. In contrast my visibility during in-game bad weather seems to be better, on the X we often have an almost completely black screen whereas I can still see a little in the fog/rain/nighttime Not cold hard facts and more hearsay I’m afraid but that’s my experience of the difference between the two.
  2. Ours is hosted on a “spare” Xbox rather than Nitrado, looking at the technical support info and response to the ticket I logged I gather playing it this way equals a ‘tough poopy, you’re on your own!’ Type response, which is kinda harsh Good luck with your roll back, is that something you can do yourself or is it through Nitrado? We have one huge base where we have a communal area and each of us has our own ‘house’ then a few mini-bases dotted around that took me (IRL) days to build so maybe not as much work for us, I think losing most of our dinos is more devistating than the structures, all our ‘soldiers’ that we use for boss fighting and most of our high level breeding pairs have all turned on each other and wiped each other out!!
  3. We’ve just shut the server down for now, I don’t think any of us can face that this evening!! We’re still pretty green on the game and haven’t messed with any admin commands or anything like that yet so sill need to do some research and convene a tribe meeting to decide if we carry on, start again or just give the game a break. It’s only a game but it’s kinda heartbreaking to lose all that progress and the majority of our dinos (not to mention my faithful tames are now wild and trying to kill us! )
  4. Thanks for your reply, I didn’t realise you could revert to a previous save on console? I’ll hunt out how to log a ticket too, I’d take loosing a day’s progress over loosing everything!!! Haha!
  5. Since installing the latest patch today (02 April 19) we seem to have lost pretty much everything on our server. I’m playing with a few friends on a host Xbox for about 6 months, after updating today we’ve all logged in to find we’re all dead, our base buildings are still there but no longer belongs to the tribe and where there were rocks/trees/etc these have respawned in the middle of our structures. Of our dinos half of them seem to have turned wild and so have either killed or been killed by our tames. We would be obviously devastated if it’s game over for us, we’re a small pve group and have obviously put in hundreds of hours to get where we are, is there any way of loading a previous save or any suggestions on how we might be able to get our game back from yesterday? i suspect it’s probably game over but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has ever played 7 days to die this is very reminiscent of an MD5 error
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