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  1. True ^, be a good time to jump in a build up during the week ready for weekend raiding- I don’t think many people will have made much progress over the last few days.
  2. Been playing on this sever for the last few months and it’s great. Stats are good and nicely balanced so you can have a life and still enjoy the game but miles away from being fibre craft! New wipe is due next week I believe so I’d highly recommend jumping in if you’re looking for a new server.
  3. I play on an S my other half plays on an X and we’re side by side in the same room on the same server so we’ve kind of experimented a bit in comparing our game. Performance wise there doesn’t seem to be a noticeable difference, sometimes things seem to load quicker on the X (like accessing storage) but the graphics on the X are certainly better with a few extra graphics features (I’m jealous that I don’t get a moon at night! ) and the render distance seems to be better on the X - if we walk away from each other I can been seen on his screen but I can’t see him on mine for example. In contrast my visibility during in-game bad weather seems to be better, on the X we often have an almost completely black screen whereas I can still see a little in the fog/rain/nighttime Not cold hard facts and more hearsay I’m afraid but that’s my experience of the difference between the two.
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