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  1. I read about the new grid system, but additionally can you add an option that doesn't unload structures for PCs capable of holding more of the game in memory? It is frustrating and silly to run across your base and back only to have the side you left unloaded. A PC with 32 or 64 gigs of memory should be more than capable of holding structures in memory and only dumping those furthest from the player when neccessary. Wouldn't such a system lower the stress on the server and reduce lag and render times, especially when teleporting? Falling through and getting stuck in structures not loaded is a
  2. If you are not having luck with officials, you can try legacy official servers. I have found the player base on legacy to more helpful in general.
  3. That is because console has layers and layers of red tape to get through to even get a patch approved. If you dont like the wait, go to PC gaming. Honestly, that is about your only solution.
  4. I agree. This seems super fast compared to Abberation. We are still getting fresh tribes to our server. Which means people are still buying the dlcs. why ruin it with alpha tribe mega dominance. Seems stupid
  5. Please reconsider the kibble change. Most people interact with dinos by taming them for kibble farms. Eliminate that and you have eliminated 90% of the dino content from your game. Taming and maintaining a kibble farm is s challenge. Why would you eliminate and entire aspect of your game. It seems not well thought out.
  6. Please don't do this. This kibble change will single handedly eliminate 80% of the dino content from the game. The old tree just needed a little tweaking. Think about it. The only interaction most people have with most of the dino content is to tame them for kibble reasons. Scorpions would never be tamed if they were not the kibble for rex. That goes for a lot of dinos...Gali, terror birds, pegomastix, and on and on. This kibble change is not an improvement, it's a gutting of the game and a bypassing of a lot of the dino content that was added.
  7. Great, the power creep from lvl 1 waking up on the beach to a top level tribe is now near infinite. If I wanted to play iron man or have shield generators like star wars, there are much better games to play. I play this game for the primitive feel. I don't know why you are trying so hard to kill your game.
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