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  1. Nice thank you. Will try it and give a feedback bRawSockets=false is correct then?
  2. Already connected bug Hello all, we are running a cluster of all diff maps. sadly sometimes the game crashs and then you are around 5 min not able to relog because „you are already connected to this server“ and during this time our mounted dinos die very often. been reading something about disabling rawsockets - but how does that work? any other ideas how to fix it? makes very tired always losing tames trough that sh..... thank you
  3. Chibi still XP loss after each new patch Hey all, my Chibi lost now the third time all xp after a server restart. Killed one alpha, and all xp gone apart from the new xp through that alpha. Also after it got "fixed". I hope you find a solution soon, getting tired of ranking up to start again at 0...... Thank you.
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