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  1. Sorry for your in game loss captyarrr, and I hope your wife gets to feeling better soon.
  2. Yes the *event will most likely be the official servers will go out just enough for you to not be able to log in. They will be running as "healthy" and no one will be at work to fix it. All your dinos with starve to death and your base will decay. Then you will cry on twitter. *Cryona Virus Event not available for console, PC only at this time
  3. use a whip or crossbow/grapple next time
  4. After reading all that, I feel like I just watched two guys beat the poop out of each other with calculators.
  5. The platform doesn't cause lag, this op is just jealous of their neighbors efforts. You can tell by the wording of the post. They had a problem with the guy before the platform even came out. Props to the guy for having such a dedicated hater.
  6. 在DLC之后,您应该期待小小的更新,谢谢您的好心。浴缸肉汁大帽子
  7. You are trying to be sad about ONE structure, 1. 1.
  8. Be a lot easier on all of us if you just played Scorched Earth instead.
  9. Great, all my spark powder got wasted in my standing torch. I was unable to turn it off. Can we get a rollback to about first week of Scorched Earth.
  10. Everyday to prevent this when starting my game, I have to highlight and exit the game from the last session. If I don't it says that every time. That's on xbox btw. maybe just reset your device
  11. Get your checker pieces off the chess board. This guy playing pac-man. "It's not fair when the ghosts box me in" boo-hoo. "wish the devs would nerf the ghosts" "can't we just eat MOST of the pellets and it be good enough"
  12. Inbreeding will never be bad in Alabama, and on a side note they will also NEVER get the lottery, unlike inbreeding - gambling is a sin.
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