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  1. Notice that there is still absolutely no support for the Nintendo Switch port? Admit the Switch port has been abandoned
  2. This port is never getting fixed at this point. What WC has refused to admit is that it has been abandoned. Why have you ignored Abstractions request to let them patch the game Wildcard? Where is the DLC that was promised? I don’t know how many consumers actually got duped into buying this game under false promises, but you owe any of us dumb enough to buy this port at least an explanation as to why you have made zero attempts to support it. I have tagged a few media outlets in my last futile tweets to maybe get at least a little attention to this ruse Wildcard pulled. Ive tried a few dozen times to get an answer from Abstraction but thier hand are tied with some pr bs. I advise that no one purchase this port unless you understand you are buying an overpriced game and you are getting The Island only.
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