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  1. Im stuck in the sacrifice room without a sacrifice
  2. Need help, getting soaked Okay so i play on a server where velos are banned. They have a dude on a mana, one on a griff and one on a golem. Occasionally they download a tek rex and fire away. I killed a lot of their hope when i killed their 350 tek rex and stole the saddle but im afraid they will come back. How should i kill the golem?
  3. This sucks By the time i can get on my dream cave will be gone
  4. Anyway i can join? I play on windows 10 so i have a large advantage
  5. If its war your after use a managarmr they fly and shoot deadly ice that freezes you off your tame. The backbone of the army should always use a daeodon and yuty. Before all this drain turrets with a turtle or golem. For farming quetzs are amazing for transport but id say a anky. For water use a barry for the tail swipe and speed. By sky use a wyvern, easy eggs on rag and not too much of a brutal raise, they are faster then pterrys, breath a effect with range and they pick up everything argentavis do. Defense is important so use reapers and velunos there, if no reapers use dilos. Every dino has its spot though. Being airborne is the biggest step so tame a pterry, place campfires down and snatch a egg.
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