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  1. Need a tribe Hey so I've been playing ark about a year now and I'm fairly good I understand the complex aspects of the game and can think for my self I'm on Xbox I really need an active offial tribe to join I'm tired of playing solo and carrying people the Xbox recruitment thing does not really work I know my worth and I'm sick of being turned down by worse players than me it's so annoying is anyone recruiting ?
  2. How do I report a dedicated cluster and it's discord Hi so I played on a dedicated cluster session now I joined the discord I've stayed positive, helped others, and gave plenty of suggestions to improve the servers now I get kicked out of nowhere by the mods but the issue is that there is some really sick chat between people over and under 18 now I mean sexuall and the mods are the ones doing it also . It is clearly not trash talk as they claim as it's under trash talk but it's like punching someone in the face and saying banter bro. I physically feel sick from it the admin does nothing because he is either useless or complicit by allowing this to continue there is clearly favouritism and these are usa servers and are over seas what do you guys think if this ? I need feedback off people. Could someone from the ark company possibly infiltrate the discord to see what I am talking about
  3. Syncing ark mods to Xbox and play station Hi so I play ark on Xbox I tried it on pc but my pc does not run as smooth as my Xbox so I'm sticking with Xbox for now I see stuff on you tube like s glass and those demo guns with turret auto fillers ect. I was wondering if it is possible to get these mod types on console ? Ps best game ever
  4. Lost 70 plus cryod tankers after dashboarding whilst transferring Hello so I was transferring to another server and I had 70 plus cryod tankers I transferred from a transmitter and was going to another base on a different server I had not left the base I dashboard mid transfer I logged back in and I've tried everything they are well and truly gone there was a mix of racers, stegs, trikes a rock golem fert eggs of mixed dinos. I lost my best mana and a bunch of random PvP dinos What do I do ? Do I just accept this is apart of the game and move forward I mean I still have my female breeders and a male so not too bad but still is this a known glitch ? Am I crazy for continuing to play ?
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