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  1. Need a tribe Hey so I've been playing ark about a year now and I'm fairly good I understand the complex aspects of the game and can think for my self I'm on Xbox I really need an active offial tribe to join I'm tired of playing solo and carrying people the Xbox recruitment thing does not really work I know my worth and I'm sick of being turned down by worse players than me it's so annoying is anyone recruiting ?
  2. How do I report a dedicated cluster and it's discord Hi so I played on a dedicated cluster session now I joined the discord I've stayed positive, helped others, and gave plenty of suggestions to improve the servers now I get kicked out of nowhere by the mods but the issue is that there is some really sick chat between people over and under 18 now I mean sexuall and the mods are the ones doing it also . It is clearly not trash talk as they claim as it's under trash talk but it's like punching someone in the face and saying banter bro. I physically feel sick from it the admin does nothing because he is either useless or complicit by allowing this to continue there is clearly favouritism and these are usa servers and are over seas what do you guys think if this ? I need feedback off people. Could someone from the ark company possibly infiltrate the discord to see what I am talking about
  3. Syncing ark mods to Xbox and play station Hi so I play ark on Xbox I tried it on pc but my pc does not run as smooth as my Xbox so I'm sticking with Xbox for now I see stuff on you tube like s glass and those demo guns with turret auto fillers ect. I was wondering if it is possible to get these mod types on console ? Ps best game ever
  4. Lost 70 plus cryod tankers after dashboarding whilst transferring Hello so I was transferring to another server and I had 70 plus cryod tankers I transferred from a transmitter and was going to another base on a different server I had not left the base I dashboard mid transfer I logged back in and I've tried everything they are well and truly gone there was a mix of racers, stegs, trikes a rock golem fert eggs of mixed dinos. I lost my best mana and a bunch of random PvP dinos What do I do ? Do I just accept this is apart of the game and move forward I mean I still have my female breeders and a male so not too bad but still is this a known glitch ? Am I crazy for continuing to play ?
  5. Swift Retribution xbox small tribe alliance Im starting a tribe that will consist of a good a pvp squad so keep me in mind and if your on a server where the alphas are taking the Micky we or / I will go grief their tames its time for some retribution we will not be interested in any tribe other than those that grieve tribes constantly and heavily for little to no gain no matter how established tribes are players are smarter than Dinos we will make raw strategic moves. You dont need to be a member to participate in our retributions you only have to see it as a just cause, we will start a discord of similar minded tribes or players so we have a cross server network this is bigger than a just tribe, swift retribution will have a meaning in the ark world it will become as a normal term as the word bob
  6. Aggressive Alpha Alliances ruining the game Xbox servers Is it even possible for me to get anywhere on here as a solo player ? I bought the game like 3 months ago to start. was on small tribes for 4 days had an indy forge chem bench, vault , ect with 15 turrets with 8 k ammo with 8 Species X, Now the issue is the alpha,s are unofficially allied. i got wrecked in my experience most alpha tribe members suck at pvp for the time played and only win battles based on tames and master craft whilst meshing bobs. I was online when it happened I explained there is only base material. Thats what alphas do they blow up half your base and when they die beg me to let their high level Mana live but i have to kill because Im screwed either way. If I have beef with one alpha its transcends into other xbox servers because most are allied and that just another server i cant play on for not being a push over so. A base destroyed and 350 accendant saddled mana dead for no gain on either side so im asking is there an Alpha tribe out here that can not help me but give me a grace period on their server to get on fair terms. im a bob a good one at that i dont want anything given to me but a chance to get somewhere
  7. No thats called a reply to the last reply lol
  8. ThePrybar I am a solo player and only build metal bases with turrets in good locations its nothing about not being good AT all. I Have No one to help me i dont come online to more done than when i went off. mathematically your an idiot for working out that if i cant beat 3 plus players at once with just pvp equipment im not a good player Theprybar love how you insult when some people have been playing the game for years longer than others I do MMA and get Gal FAM i dont need to be grinding all day go find a Gal not a new game lol not that im complaining more for me. Theprybar i have some freinds who are good if you wanna meet them instead lol real offer Fyi Melcreif i get your point mate but it hard doing this solo when im getting grieved daily. i set up 6 turrets and double layered walls in 2 days third day base is gone Ive tried hidden locations dangerous ones does not seem to matter i have to do everything my self so is time consuming. no one to show me where and what things are every time i recruit i get inside im not the toxic ones
  9. Official is Dead because no one can get anywhere the Day one Crews have us growing like corn and are waiting just long enough for a good yield. There are players who have not taken their own wyverns eggs and raised them and just been given them so they just troll because they didn't have to do that grind and kill passive dinos of tribes of no threat because they dont appreciate the effort taken. fair enough war of attrition with potential threats but not this
  10. some good points i am on Console there is two of us were RL friends
  11. This is Hands down the most toxic community I have ever been In. You cant play PVE because selfish players have placed foundations everywhere and been playing PVP for a month and i get grieved every day by dragon wielding players and I cant get anywhere. What do i do ? my base was blown up last night the dude didnt even take any loot after I spent hours moving my base location after a previous 4 raids last night. Can someone help me please I really dont want to Uninstall the game but its looking like my only option at the mo and there are many players in the same situation as me. How about a New server where you cant transfer any items or Dinos into this server for 3 months giving new player an actual chance at the game if Not, any alpha Tribes want to step up to the plate and actually be a real Alpha and help the newbs in your servers or you going to let the player base dwindle. its sad that someone can get grieved so much That a month in still considered a newb
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