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  1. Thanks man, i needed that. I was really pissed when I found out I wasn’t thinking straight. I love this game, but if they don’t care enough to even try they would lose my patronage.
  2. How about the fact it isn't coming to playstation!? No one is mad about this!? I spent 60 dollars on the base game, 20 dollars for 3 DLCS, and 35 dollars for the gen bundle to get invested in this game and what do I get! No respect, come on, it's absolutely pathetic that you're not even looking into the horizon for a possible version.
  3. Hey it’s great seeing the interaction between the community and the devs and all but when are the consoles getting crystal isles and what about tlc 3 and that one zombie mode you guys were talking about?
  4. Ok I get it there are a lot of bugs so you probably won’t get to this for months, but please fix the bug that doesn’t save host/local settings on the PS4 this is a huge problem in the PS4 ark community for those who play single player.
  5. New stuff is great and all but it’s fricken annoying that you aren’t paying attention to the new thing that just came out! I get that this was delayed and you may have already made the deal but you have something that’s broken that many people have paid money for. I just ask that you fix the many problems with genesis first. if you don’t know what glitches to fix try the many ark reddit page (r/arkps4 for example) that have been posted for several weeks.
  6. Anybody wondering when they will actually tell us the specific release date for genesis
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