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  1. Key bindings for TEK Items Let us change key binding for activating TEK Helmet and other TEK Items With genesis you also added the Shoulder turret to have it's settings changed by holding E There's too much stuff being bound to E, and I'd love being able to change what keybinding the tek items use, not only the option to change the "use" binding.
  2. Bruhh, I got 4,5k Hours x) If you can't get to your base without more than that 1 dash, you suck man. I can get to sky border on extinction and rag with my 3 jumps and 1 dash easy I play official smalltribes, I have abb base up in a damn tree and can still get to it without issues with 150+ ping. If you can't get to your poop, you gots to stop sitting in your base all day and go out PvPin man Don't come here acting all high and mighty, fob up :))))
  3. People jumping into other peoples bases is something that will solve itself once people gets used to it. I personally don't notice much of a difference in the movement. And remember, most balancing is meant towards PvP, as this is where balance is the most crucial. I'm guessing you are a PvE player. The sad thing now, is that experienced mana riders can't easily catch up to non experienced mana riders, cuz the mana riders with experience actually lands in between the jumps to preserver stamina, while the "bobs" does 10 dashes in a row without landing and goes out of stamina immediately. This mana change basicly made it more "new player friendly"
  4. What are you talking about viability as travel mount? It still is superior any other for traveling. You just travel the same way you SHOULD have before the update, landing between each dash to reset jump to use less stamina. And if you mean with how high you can jump? I can still get to skybox and tallest skyscraper on ext with those 3 jumps you get, you just need to learn how
  5. Getting 1shot by mana pounce now.. SO all of you saying manas nerfed, go to bed please, they are broken as f right now. They need to do something about the pounce dmg. Manas enrage gigas and deletes rhinos at this point. PvP now is plant Y traps everywhere and a bunch of manas puncing on eachother, can't even get off mana to throw Zs cuz you get 1 shot by pounce even with 1k dura flak.
  6. Same, they disappeared for me too, smalltribes official
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