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  1. Is it not the standard rates now? I work all week for 9+ hours a day and take care of my kid. Do you think it's unreasonable to want to have more harvesting during the times a lot of people are actually able to play? And some weekends I have drill to so I don't even get that time to play, so as it stands it's a solid argument. The new rates are now known as the "standard" look it up, that makes it the 1x base rate if it is the "standard" new players who are just getting are know it as the base standard 1x. Continue and tell me it's pathetic, or look up the definition. Also as a volunteer mod,
  2. The harvesting that was doubled is now considered 1x not doubled since it is the new standard.
  3. Ahh yes the "but it's already perm 2x", wouldn't that mean that makes it the new standard 1x yes? So it is 1x now not 2x correct? So the evo event puts things up to 2x correct? Many people like myself work alot during the week and really only have time to play on weekends, so while you know man ypeople can farm all week we only get a couple days.
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