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  1. GM has confirmed to us in tickets (twice) and I am quoting here directly from that response: 

    As we stated, it is not a violation of the Code of Conduct.
    The fact that you claim a vein does not mean other tribes or players cannot harvest it, even on PVE servers. So be mindful of that while doing element veins."

    We were also told to 'secure the vein'. 

    Would be happy to take requests on how you can secure a vein and be mindful in PVE (especially if you are solo) without kiting to kill anyone near the vein? Can't build on it as raiders have tek suits so they can get inside whatever you try and build so you can't build fast enough to stop them - so I guess the question is, what is the point of the claim mechanic? 

    If it's not against the CoC to take a vein, even on PVE, fair enough - but why have a claim mechanic, if it is LITERALLY useless? It's clear that both drops and veins can be harvested by those who didn't claim - if you are waiting for a fix on this, this one isn't coming from  @ZenRowe @Cedric. The render bug is still incredibly frustrating so hope it does get eyes on it at some point but guess we are sol with claiming then. 

    We have had a player literally stalk our tribe for days and just disrupt any vein/OSD we try to do and be abusive in chat, and that's not against the CoC, which is a shame apparently (despite language, stalking/harassing being expressly against the CoC and us assuming that on PVE, doing this was against game mechanics, because like good robots we trusted that the claim mechanic was actually used for something). 

    I would petition to remove the claim mechanic from ext as it serves no purpose anymore (did it ever really?). Disappointed, but as usual, not surprised when it comes to WC. As a software developer dealing with cutting edge tech (I work in making holographic displays for doctors), I tend not to like leaving buttons or features in that give an impression of a feature or function that my code cannot support or won't, and unless I have explicitly written front/back end logic for it (and provided thorough user guidance with edge cases outlined/tested for) - but hey, each to their own I guess. 

    Clearly the claim mechanic is also having issues with the render bug, so we're just not gonna claim anything anymore - and we'll just wait for other tribes to do veins now to make our lives easier I guess since days of another player doing this to us isn't considered bad. 

  2. Would be nice to know what’s going on - we’ve made use of the event but keep hearing different things. We were up for the whole stream (1s for real for Ced) - we were luckily on a server that didn’t crash much. But would be cool if it was extended - especially to affected servers, had a lot of friends who planned for weeks like we did and the couldn’t get on to even move to a different server. Also, those attacking the extra life servers ... how scummy. Think they would have legit broken the 100k mark if it wasn’t for extra life being hammered - Cloudflare didn’t seem to do much.

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