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  1. GM has confirmed to us in tickets (twice) and I am quoting here directly from that response: " As we stated, it is not a violation of the Code of Conduct.The fact that you claim a vein does not mean other tribes or players cannot harvest it, even on PVE servers. So be mindful of that while doing element veins." We were also told to 'secure the vein'. Would be happy to take requests on how you can secure a vein and be mindful in PVE (especially if you are solo) without kiting to kill anyone near the vein? Can't build on it as raiders have tek suits so they can get inside whatever you
  2. Been up for 48 hours at this, having raised hundreds of dinos for sale on official during event as we were luckily on a server that was up most of the time. Totally exhausted now.
  3. Would be nice to know what’s going on - we’ve made use of the event but keep hearing different things. We were up for the whole stream (1s for real for Ced) - we were luckily on a server that didn’t crash much. But would be cool if it was extended - especially to affected servers, had a lot of friends who planned for weeks like we did and the couldn’t get on to even move to a different server. Also, those attacking the extra life servers ... how scummy. Think they would have legit broken the 100k mark if it wasn’t for extra life being hammered - Cloudflare didn’t seem to do much.
  4. Did Tek cave but died on alpha dragon - what a weird weekend!
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