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  1. Yes, PLEASE! I though if I changed the clipping setting that it would let us build over these so I changed it but nope, still cant. They are blocking some real nice base locations and seem to have absolutely zero purpose, except for blocking our builds. So WC please help us out with this!
  2. what system you are on? That plays a HUGE role in how your ARK will perform. If you are on any lesser system than a One X... Your going to have problems with Ark.
  3. Is this for official? I am own a full map cluster. Since the update we are unable to use txt chat, unable to go into admin mode on Gen 2 only... and all of my custom drops are back to default and everything in them is only primitive. Anyone else having these issues on private servers?
  4. No man, I don't read all these comments. I was saying read the article.
  5. I wish people would stop complaining about this, it says right in the article that they will be lowering the amount of mats it takes to make jerky. Learn to read for complaining!!
  6. Rent a server from Nitrado. You can play solo and have a really great time. Idk if I would go back to a public after running my own. If you like the game but don't wanna deal with people, give it a shot. Also, I am referring to PvE
  7. Im so sorry, you are correct! Please forgive my ignorance,
  8. They said they will be lowering the rates.... read the article before complaining lol.
  9. Cooked meat is how you craft the holiday items.... if you can use it to get chibis then can u explain how, please? Yes, I looked in the cooking pot, no chibis
  10. Ok... awesome.... but.... how do you get the chibis for this event?
  11. Holiday events have not been working on private servers since Genesis dropped. Will this event work on them?
  12. I run a Nitrado server. Anytime I switch to a map I was on earlier, my character goes back to the level it was when I was on that map before. I think when you switch maps it just pauses your progress for that map until you come back. The way I was able to keep my levels was by uploading my character in the obbie and then switching maps and downloading my character.
  13. COULDNT care less... Could care less mean you can care less than you do! English! lol
  14. Did the whole issue where dinos are not spawning with holiday colors on private severs get fixed?
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