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  1. Hey guys, im curious, did anyone figure out how to make to so you dont just have to press Y to pick up? Usually you hold Y, which brings up the wheel, and then select "pickup". Like you said before, only having to press "Y" is problematic. Say your walking through a door but accidently hit the "Y" button when your crosshair is over the DOORFRAME.... bye bye frame AND door! I actually wondering if thats just how it is when you have the "AlwaysAllowStructurePickup" set to true.... Anyone?
  2. Make to erase the "stucturepickup=1.000" setting in the file, then it should work. I just did this today
  3. STILL GETTING KICKED Well I guess ill make another one of these posts! Who else still gets kicked from the game 3-5 times when trying to login? I know other people with this problem so its not my connection or system. Ark is the ONLY game that does this. I can only pray a dev sees this and says something cause so far I have had no feedback on this and I am about to stop playing Ark forever!
  4. Can someone that works with ARK please do something about this. Its making me not want to play the game anymore
  5. They fixed this a while ago.. custom events now work and are now even better than before
  6. UGH I am getting so frustrated with Ark! Yet, I cant stop playing the game! earlier today it took 5 attempts before I could login without being kicked. Now I just went to login again...… 6 times it took! That's A LOT of load screen time guys! PLease notice this post and look into it. I cant be the only one having these problems and it NEVER happened before the broken summer update!
  7. Still getting kicked! Hello to all! I am wondering if people are still having problems with getting booted off the game often. Ever since the summer update came out that broke the game, I get booted nearly every time I log-in. It usually take 3-6 login attempts before the game will actually play. So im thinking the update that "fixed" the mistake may still need some work. Can someone from WC please look into this? I have wasted too much of my life sitting in ark load screens, This is the only game I have this problem with and I run on a Xbox 1 X.
  8. Crash on startup, more often than not Hello to you all, once again! I have said this before, I love Ark! With all the bad happening on the game lately, I have been tempted to uninstall the game and never play again! Now I don't know a whole lot about programming and such. Still, it seems to me that WC could be doing a better job. My issue, this time, is whenever I log into Ark, probably 75% of the time, the first attempt in unsuccessful. The game loads, I see my body in my bed, then instant dashboard! Nearly every time I start the game this happens! Literally! Now dealing with that only time
  9. No man, I don't read all these comments. I was saying read the article.
  10. Well, this actually makes me feel a little better. Now I know its not just my xbox. Yes, it can be frustrating
  11. Was it the 21 G update or the small one that we got today?
  12. Probably just coincidence but I posted about that just the other day. Funny that 2 days after I post it, it starts working... I will never understand the way they run Ark lol. Well, im just sitting waiting for the update, looking forward to playing without getting booted every 30 minutes. I know, I suppose I was lucky since some people couldn't even play at all.
  13. What provider do you have? I had Frontier, they switched to Zipfly Fiber and ever since the switch my internet download have been extremely slow. I was pretty happy when my xbox started downloading Ark, automatically. I was having a issue where I had to start the game to activate the updates, then I had to relaunch the game for each DLC that had to update. It was rather frustrating. Anyway, I really hope this update works!
  14. Did you just post this for the sake of argument or what? If your paying for server but the service is not available then people should be reimbursed those days. Nitrado is know for doing this, with the help of WC. But thank you for the pointless argument.
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