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  1. Hello fellow survivors! I am wondering if any of you are having server issues? I have an all-map PVE cluster, A Dance With Dragons. Ever since Gen 2 we have had numerous issues. Some of them have ben sorted out but we still have issues with peoples bases disappearing and some players have been unable to login to their character. They will make a new character on another map, come back to the map their original character was on and they can see their original character sleeping in their base. I am really curious why this could be happening. If anyone has any info that may shed some light on thi
  2. Hello fellow survivors! As we all know, the release of Gen 2 caused A LOT of server issues. Seems most of these have been fixed but one. All of our drops, with the exception of GEN 2, have nothing but primitive gear in them. These are all custom drops that I created for my all-map PVE cluster called A Dance With Dragons. Usually we get all different qualities but now only primitive. This is a big problem and for obvious reasons! I know at least part of the coding is working because the custom items I put in the drops are showing up and these items do not spawn by default. We would all really l
  3. what system you are on? That plays a HUGE role in how your ARK will perform. If you are on any lesser system than a One X... Your going to have problems with Ark.
  4. Is this for official? I am own a full map cluster. Since the update we are unable to use txt chat, unable to go into admin mode on Gen 2 only... and all of my custom drops are back to default and everything in them is only primitive. Anyone else having these issues on private servers?
  5. That makes sense. Drives me mad though! We get comfortable then Wild Card is like, lets take that away because we messed up somewhere else. I swear we used to be able to craft them outside of the official event times. I do remember last year the custom holiday evnts were disabled entirely. I made a stink about that lol. They ended up letting us have the events back for custom servers though idk if my complaints had anything to do with it. I imagine not. Anyway, thank you for the response and if your looking for a chill server to play on with no hand outs, let me know. Cheers!
  6. I have also tried to spawn them in using all the different spawn codes and nothing happens.
  7. Hello fellow survivors! I have noticed that my players are not able to craft any dino candies anymore. I have different events on each of my cluster's maps and no one has been able to craft any dino candies. So I decided to put them in the drops, thinking that would be another way to get them and also is a good reward as you can increase your dinos movement speed with them. Unfortunately, they are not showing up in drops at all either! I do remember last year there was an issue with custom holiday events and we were not able to activate them so I am wondering if maybe they took the candies out
  8. Hesna008

    Tek Bridge

    My above comment was for this post, see above.
  9. Hesna008

    Tek Bridge

    Yes, I agree! Guess you have have to find a server with auto-decay turned off. Thats how I have mine set. If you want to try it out the name is A Dance With Dragons. Unofficial PC session PvE/PvP
  10. Hesna008

    Tek Bridge

    I am also having an issue with these Tek bridges. On the Wiki it talks about how they dont snap to foundations anymore. If the server had auto-decay on then the bridges auto-decay as fast as Unsnapped Core Structure. I was trying to bridge the gap on the small islands on The Center by Blue Ob... I have seen this done many times before but apparently you are now unable to do so. Super bummer! WILDCARD.... please put the Tek Bridged back to normal! I dont want to have to build a massive bridge that causes lag at our Community Center. Also, check out the server A Dance With Dragon
  11. No man, I don't read all these comments. I was saying read the article.
  12. Was it the 21 G update or the small one that we got today?
  13. Probably just coincidence but I posted about that just the other day. Funny that 2 days after I post it, it starts working... I will never understand the way they run Ark lol. Well, im just sitting waiting for the update, looking forward to playing without getting booted every 30 minutes. I know, I suppose I was lucky since some people couldn't even play at all.
  14. What provider do you have? I had Frontier, they switched to Zipfly Fiber and ever since the switch my internet download have been extremely slow. I was pretty happy when my xbox started downloading Ark, automatically. I was having a issue where I had to start the game to activate the updates, then I had to relaunch the game for each DLC that had to update. It was rather frustrating. Anyway, I really hope this update works!
  15. Did you just post this for the sake of argument or what? If your paying for server but the service is not available then people should be reimbursed those days. Nitrado is know for doing this, with the help of WC. But thank you for the pointless argument.
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