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  1. Do you think the new update is try to make non-pay to win player to watch more ad ? the reason is it cost 2amber and that same amount you got from watching 1ad
  2. Ops I add extra word in it like keep him help it was suppose to be thank I think could keep it here
  3. Thank but I think keep him help
  4. P.S. AMS stand for Ark Mobile Suggestion Please leave your tip/suggestion here below for new player who are like Achievers: win, challenge, create, show off, compare Socializers: help, share, comment, gift, greet Explorers: explore, rate, review, vote, curate
  5. Ark mobile suggestion Do anyone know Dododex Pro don't buy it if you didn’t wanted to help ark because it doesn’t do much NOW I think. Dododex is pretty good app because the app tell you just the right amount to know out a dino and ad aren’t going to pop out and mad big like some game. For the night mode it pretty good but too bad that all you got but At Least I think I help ark because I couldn’t buy it on any platform besides mobile.
  6. do you buy god mode i wish they let have meat ????????????????

    1. NoahTheGoat666


      They don’t give you meat with god console, and I do have it. A try to use a translator like google translate for a clearer message to English.

    2. lixuancao62
  7. idk if it 100 percent but it seen to be something wrong with wiki because the plant produce rare flower too???????????????????
  8. Plant brought from store do give you potent dust but only Snake Plant Seeds can be planted in a Planter to grow Snake Plants. Snake Plants produce Green-colored Potent Dust which is 100 percent of getting and it give you no rare flower but for the the rest seed you which you buy in store only give you chance of get potent dust and most rare flower and the snake plant can Well As An Additional Snake Plant Seeds(from wiki)
  9. lixuancao62


    there are three way to tame a griffin but the easyest for player that noob want is tame the griffin is to be level 40 but requirement for it is to name yourself -i -na -den -an -ell -ssa -ric -on -ys -go -lot -gast that griffin may have out of 1/17
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