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  1. playercap for 24 hours... megatribes are useless then and moreppl will play classics... berryseals... gt7 and all megatribes dominated classic... like 10-15 player each tribe and its an amazing work
  2. freimaurer49


    Crossark"s Hello WildcardTeam, my question is... is it possible to make crossark servers great again? i played it alot with friends but for ppl who work it is rly hard to start there .... it is on 1 time.... is it possible to bring it all on 2 times maybe? i think more and more ppl would go on crossark too to play there... for those who wana start there it is rly hard. there tribes playing over years with big bases hard breeds and all kind of this... for new ppl it makes no sence.... im sry for my English. big greetings Johannes
  3. Hello team... just 1 question.. can u make a timer on classic pcp servers... i mean its 25 members... why all megatribes could kick ppl and invite new just they can play 24/7 on max ?? What is the reason.. i mean were 15ppl and makes no sense for us to play against those megatribes
  4. Dear Wildcard team, pls dont do that there playing enough on conquest and its hurts hard when i must go after 6 month of work. That could not be a answer for ur new mode to delate the counquest servers. I hope u can make a brain about that would be nice. Sry for my english its not the best ^^ in love kleriker
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