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  1. Videos all over youtube I'm sure
  2. You should always ask things like this in-game, most times someone will help
  3. Unfortunately it happens.
  4. Agreed, it works when you aim in specific areas but would be nice to not have to aim like that
  5. Referring to the bug where while jumping or lunging, a mana will just simply disappear from existence along with all of your stuff, forcing your character to the spawn screen as if you'd died. Although, it does not provide a death spot, (the X where you've died on the map) or the announcement at the top of the screen stating that you'd been killed. Just poof, all your things gone. It was said that this bug was fixed, but today on March 30, 2019, my tribemate lost his mana and everything on it, including his character 'dying' (which didn't even die, just got forced to the spawn screen). We lost several things due to this, and I hope the bug is looked into asap. This happened on The Island.
  6. Personally it was all low level, meat tames and I worked my way up, upgrading dinos as I grew.
  7. Tek storage containers can hold much more than that, the only downside being that they can only hold one type of item for each container.
  8. Always control those that are in your tribe.. adding anyone new is always a risk which is why I stick to my two man tribe
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