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  1. currently yes you can raise them pretty fast, but that will change when it goes back down to 1x, and we brought one back to our main server not a breeding pair. If you don't have a breeding pair, then yes, there is a point to cloning it, as well as keeping your 'good' one safe and using the 'clone' as the one to use.
  2. um... yeah okay... when i can clone a regular wyvern for 16k shards? seriously? it doesn't stop anything. hell i can clone a good giga for 14k shards, even have one that I can do for 12k shards... 160k shards is absurd.
  3. Cloning Cost - yeah... right... not happening. So we brought a crystal isle wyvern back to island, and thought clone it and fly the clone around keeping the main safe, that is... till we looked at the cloning cost.... 163,030 shards? are you F****** insane Wildcard? its things like this that make me believe more and more a labotomy is a job requirement for wildcard.
  4. lol it has very little to do with new launch, it has everything to do with Ark being free on Epic Game Launcher. Just about every free DLC map, including the island map are 70/70 players. so no, I call hogwash on that comment this round.
  5. party dodo's? arighty, ty i'll look for them.
  6. Event - Cake Slices - How to Craft? the wiki says in the cooking pot, but there is no holiday recipe for cake slices in the cooking pot, how does one get them?
  7. damn i should of bought a lotto ticket lol. well, welcome back all those people who got perma bans that didn't buy a new copy of ark, they just got handed a free ticket, as well as multiple copies for free.
  8. if you want the ceiling directly on top of the pillar without any poke through, the pillars have to be done first then the ceiling snapped on top of that pillar, is the easiest way i've found to do it, all other methods are a pain to get to work without any frustration Start in the water and work your way to the shore, then to align your foundation with the ceiling, attach a pillar in the middle of one that doesn't have a existing pillar attached and snap the foundation to the pillar then remove the pillar. the down side of this, if the one pillar that extends to the structure get
  9. hardware (mac id) bans are about as pointless as ip bans. one can simply clone mac id's, use false mac id's to get past it. that's nothing new either. swapping mac id's is about as difficult as swapping ip's. to be perfectly honest, there is no 'fool proof' method to ban a person from the servers, the best a gaming company can do is ban the game key, and even then, as its been discussed on countless other threads for both ark and other games, all they do is go out and buy another copy. Far as Epic free games go - all the games that have been made free on epic games to aquire have b
  10. Ark Devs... always making changes to one extreme or the other, never selecting the middle ground... its sometimes makes me wonder if a lobotomy is a job prerequisite to work for wildcard/snail games...
  11. confused here... max on official is 150 for sabers, so whats the difficulty rating for official then?
  12. pingperfect is a alternate to nitrado, seems to run better as well as better tech support.
  13. 400 organic takes me about 10 min with my gacha.
  14. organic poly - spoils, easy to get from gacha who produces poly, or from penguins. Gacha crystals can be made at time of need, 160 crafting on gacha gives max poly per crystal. Can also be used to instantly kill ones self if stuck in a spot you cant get out of. hard poly - doesn't spoil. Requires obsidian & cementing paste - Cementing paste can be a pain, as many people don't empty the beaver dams leaving them filled with wood. cementing paste will be the setback requires 4 chitin/karatin and 8 stone in mortar. each has its pluses and minuses.
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