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  1. I have a hate for their lack of testing before tossing stuff out at people yes. Many simplistic problems that happen due to patches could of been spotted within the first 5 minutes of being in a actual play test, but that doesn't happen they just patch, toss a patch out, and expect it to work.
  2. This is caused by great quality testing for pathing, they work hard to ensure that the flight paths of the raptor claus will always function as expected.
  3. tribemate heads out to look for raptor presents on mana, while picking one up, mana vanishes into thin air. was on passive. ally tribe heads out to look for raptor presents, server dc's everyone while he's in flight, fall death. I log into valguero to feed my dino's and look around for gacha/presents, server dc's multiple times with 5 people on it. seems like a great event so far, can just imagine what it will be like during the weekend.
  4. and i supose steam can't say it wasn't released till 2017 as well? lol...
  5. just going by what it says for when it was added to my steam library.
  6. games been out for at least 5 years, kinda hard for me to of had it in my steam collection prior to it being released. there are people who leave the game running at their pc while they are away / sleeping, and steam counts those hours as well, likewise steam messes up on hours played as well, I have over 2k hours played in fallout 4 on the pc and steam only shows 600 some odd hours played (alot of that time was spent testing custom settlements). this has been brought up on other games before on the time played. I've had the game sense 2014, and have a little over 5k hours played myself, but some diehard fans of ark have well over 12k hours in the game sense release. far as looking forward to the winter wonderland event, meh, not really, watching the amount of bugs that have recently been introduced into ark in the past couple months that have yet to be fixed concerns me more for whats going to happen when genesis pops out, being the last two events caused even more bugs to pop out, showing very little concentration on what they edit, it really makes me wonder how many more bugs will pop out when the winter event comes out.
  7. make sure there isn't a steam content download pending. it'll cause this to happen.
  8. only place we ever had luck with finding tek quatz was on rag near the castle.
  9. This isn't a bug, its the direct result of hard work and quality testing before deployment, welcome to the new quality of life improvements from wildcard!
  10. This is the result of quality testing before deployment, wildcard works hard to ensure all features in their patches function properly!
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1237230227 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1156355959 hope those help will let you get all the engrams unlocked again (minus the genesis ones) emotes and haircuts. can't help with the map data. its a good idea to backup your ark profile data off and on because of this, randomly deleting the file from peoples pc's during updates. sucks. I make sure to backup mine off and on just because of that. sucks having to rediscover all the maps again.
  12. I can't comment on other tek dinos, but... tek rex and tek quatzel (however that's spelt) are def. worth getting 150+ ones, expecially if your starting new on a map.
  13. because I like to punish myself? I do like the game, but lately, it seems more of a punishment then enjoyment.
  14. hahaha! wildcard, test? anything? hahaha that's rich. good luck getting them to test anything.
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