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  1. Servers became unplayable. Servers have scared off you player base. Utter trash.
  2. ^ Super easy to solo on foot. Check video. I also have a video for other ways to do it but this is the easy way.
  3. You can play crossplatform servers to play with PC and other players. If you are asking if you bought the maps on xbox do you get them on PC the answer is no. You'll need to buy all the DLCs again for PC.
  4. This has been around for years. Nothing new.
  5. That be a cool addition! Not sure how they would do that sadly. For now we just have to make alt accounts and buy the game more then once lol ?
  6. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about but thanks for the short story
  7. I think you got too much time on your hands. Just play the game man. Leave people be.
  8. If you roll with 19 of those rexes and 124 armor saddles and 1 yuti you can do Alpha Monkey and Broodmother. Dragon you'll want Theriz with Veggie Cakes. Gamma RBockwell you can do solo on foot. VR on gen can be done with with rexes, but Rhinos with veggie cakes make Alpha fight a joke.
  9. Yes! Super easy if your server isn't poop. Sadly most if not all are.
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