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  1. You can solo it. Put the work in and you will be fine. Also don't use rexes for this fight. Do some research
  2. Yeah still no word. Been spamming all the twitters.
  3. Same... How can your Dev team be THIS bad. Get a new Dev team please!
  4. Yes! Super easy if your server isn't poop. Sadly most if not all are.
  5. Doesn't need a Nerf. Easy with a group of 6 or more, med brews, shields, 3 sets of flak, rhinos/60-80 armor, veggie cakes, tek rifles (shoot the main boss) and someone calling the shots during the fight. At the last part before you drop keys make sure everyone has 20 on them. Once that happens have 2 people drop them off then shoot boss and then move to the next code drop and repeat.
  6. Rhinos with veggie cakes, good saddles, and all imprinted by tribe mates or allies. Shoot the boss with tek rifles once vulnerable. Super easy with practice.
  7. Those look like they turned your loot into BPs lol. Oh Ark.
  8. Like Castlerock said. Can confirm i've tested this on official servers with many rexes.
  9. Bunch of noob beach bobs. Play another game if you can't handle the simplest things in the game.
  10. You get prego on AB and transfer to Gen. Its a bug. Might get patched soon so gogogo. Lots of people were doing it yesterday. Super easy.
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