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  2. Wont be till later today its legit written everywhere. Use your eyes.
  3. Should be good! I anticipate a lot of server outages and rollbacks, but again should be good! Side note the Enforcement Team is a joke and a dumb one at that. Get some new blood in there. Most them are very incompetent at their job. Q & A also is a joke at WC.
  4. Dude you are legit on the site that all this information is at. You took the time to write this up but not the shorter amount of time to scroll down on the homepage?
  5. FreddyFCT

    Reaper Offspring

    Same here. Started about a week ago for me.
  6. 585 is super easy to get your hands on right now. Lots of people on PVE Official have males on Mating in safe public areas. Most of these servers Im talking about are NA servers. Id say right now, but dont want a horde of people coming in to steal Chibis lol.
  7. I remember them saying that PVE wouldn't get the same type nerfs as PVP. It seems like the last few nerf patches tell a different story.
  8. You must be new to the game. Breed up some Rexes with good stats or ask for trade in global. You can solo Megapithecus with 4 rexes and a yuti today with not trouble what so ever. Breath young one. You got this.
  9. There are still creatures that evolved with the element, but not depended on it. Also with all the tek like AI we could maybe see some evil/bad AI that is working against Helena for some reason.
  10. They already have a huge issue with harassment and other things of that nature toward employees and players. Don't think this will ever happen. Here is a link of things they want to add or already have. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMHjs3UiR2OwvUn0V6QQogL4uT0XRtxrua8Gs6mFa5M/edit#gid=0
  11. It's not too big of an issue. Lots of people have them. Just send it to a server you never play on or delete it by creating a new character on the server you sent it to.
  12. The games they did show off kind of sucked this year I think the only one that looked good was Sons Of The Forest.
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