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  1. Servers became unplayable. Servers have scared off you player base. Utter trash.
  2. Should be good! I anticipate a lot of server outages and rollbacks, but again should be good! Side note the Enforcement Team is a joke and a dumb one at that. Get some new blood in there. Most them are very incompetent at their job. Q & A also is a joke at WC.
  3. Yup looks about right! Why even take the time to do boss fights if over half the fight is getting around this crap.
  4. For the teleporter are you talking about spawning into a boss fight without a obelisk? I think they had that at one point and removed it. I would also like this kind of change to be re-added. People park dinos all over the obelisk and devs do nothing. I could copy paste a response I got the other day. I reported a guy for parking flyers all over the obi and the devs response legit was, "looks fine to me". Why have these rules if you don't enforce them.
  5. The Photoshop on the logo at the bottom of the post looks like a 2 year old did it. Why didn't you just feather the edges lol. You made your job harder than it needs to be and still did a bad job.
  6. Nice generic blanket statement after blanket statement Devs. 'yawns' You shouldn't be copy and pasting so much like you do with your Code.
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