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  1. Wait.... No way lol. That is soooo broken. This is something companies are suppose to think about during the development of a game mode/game.
  2. Over the past 2 years I've found that a large % of Ark players (all platforms) come up with the craziest "What's To Come!" or Code of Conduct rules that are not even or have never been said or posted by any Ark Dev or credible website. Some of the junk I read in global chat on official servers blows my mind. These Bobs hear something from there Bob friend and they take it as true facts and spew it all over global chat. Just stick to this website and when the Devs do a Twitch stream on the channel SurviveTheArk. There is also the Dev tracker website which is nice. Ced is pretty good about updating Twitter. Like most games it's not perfect, but damn fun. The community is just a little bonkers at times.
  3. Yup looks about right! Why even take the time to do boss fights if over half the fight is getting around this crap.
  4. I like that! Hire this guy or girl lol.
  5. For the teleporter are you talking about spawning into a boss fight without a obelisk? I think they had that at one point and removed it. I would also like this kind of change to be re-added. People park dinos all over the obelisk and devs do nothing. I could copy paste a response I got the other day. I reported a guy for parking flyers all over the obi and the devs response legit was, "looks fine to me". Why have these rules if you don't enforce them.
  6. Legacy pretty much means you no longer get support or anything that comes with that.
  7. If I know WC, copy paste is not only in the code base but also patch notes.
  8. The Photoshop on the logo at the bottom of the post looks like a 2 year old did it. Why didn't you just feather the edges lol. You made your job harder than it needs to be and still did a bad job.
  9. If it's a cave without a artifact it doesn't matter. If someone is building in it that is there base. It's probably viewed like this in the COD. "In the event your base inadvertently or accidentally resides on a spawn point you will not be penalized." BUT If there is an artifact or important item needed to play the game in the cave then they are poopheads lol.
  10. Holy crap this is still a thing? It's been over 2 years hasn't it?
  11. Lots of people are getting pillars removed if near others base and all pillars removed if it is overaggressive even if you think you are protecting resources nodes. All It takes is 1 report and a video of all the spam. They WILL remove them. Time for people to start really thinking about how and where they want to build. No more of this I might build there one day.
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