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  1. Valguero transfer singleplayer? Cant transfer dinos from valguero to any other but can transfer to it. Why?
  2. Yes because we all have nearly a 1000 to spend on a pc. And then even more money shredded to improve our monitors and audio systems. Sorry but my mom doesnt buy everything for me. I have to actually work for my poop.
  3. That's pretty cool and all but still nothing for console, thanks for leaving us behind.
  4. It's not anti American when they call it summer bash and have it only relate to a single country. If any other country was to do this everyone would have the same reaction.
  5. Could just, you know, have an event based around your game which takes place in raptorING space. Not America.
  6. You explained this better than any 20 page long explanation in a single sentence. Thank you. Breeding is such a pain in singleplayer.
  7. Breeding confusion I have a female rex with 23k health or so and a make with only 7.8k health. I am attempting to breed for the higher health by chance but I've only been able to get 2 babies with 3k health and one with 6.8k. Why is this?
  8. Hey look they are promising stuff and ban you if you disagree.
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