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  1. Event and fixes sounds cool and everything, but what's the point in the event in other places if we dont even get spawns?! On xbox official 1196 and 1266 so far, barely any wild dinos at all, most of the time, just zero. Please fix spawns!
  2. I been saying on Twitter that some Gen servers including 1196 on xbox official rarely has any wild dinos at all since this 3.5 weekend started. I got zero response, no matter who I tag. What was the point of that event if we couldn't tame anything? Again, certain servers like this one. My other friends server is fine on official.
  3. I'll keep it simple...I loved everything on WCs behalf. The players turning toxic made it hard.....But my only complaint, the chances of rare chibis. I have 900 plus chibis and not a single one is rare or from genesis. And of course, the levels of my chibi reseting was a huge downer.
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