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  1. If you watch the video he is very clear in addressing that he in no way supports meshing and portrays people who mesh in a very bad light
  2. I personally think that a global ban is not a punishment that fits the crime in this scenario, although I can agree with a lot of people that he should not of made a video telling people how to mesh I do not think a global ban is fitting, I think something else important to point out is that there are multiple other people who have made videos about how to mesh and you could easily figure out how with a simple search, but HOD was clearly upset with the current state of the game and took his issues to a platform in which he knew he could make a change, and because of this he was banned, which I believe isn’t fair in this scenario, there are lots of people saying that he should’ve contacted wildcard with the issues but this has presviously showed to be extremely ineffective, in his video you can clearly tell that his goal is not to encourage meshing but the opposite, I think a big contributor to the ban as well is the fact that he had such a big following, overall I don’t think that posting a video telling people how to mesh was the most successful approach to getting the issue solved but I do think he has done good by showcasing problems and starting a large scale conversation in the community as to the current state of the game
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