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  1. Well, Im bit tired of that as well, it's not just 383. Most servers get crashes, and getting crash during doing element vein or orbital drop is hilarious. Lost many items and dinos in pods because of these crashes. I will give best possible explanation why this is happening. This game is extremely badly designed, purely software wise. Graphics and 3D Models are stunning, really that's great work, but game itself, it's logic. It's just tragic, thoutghless coding. Really they didn't put much thought into design, all these issues could be non existent with better design plan. I will adrress couple most annoying issues: -Server save each 15minutes, well it is joke. Literally joke. Does Facebook or any other big website literally halts when doing backup? It does not. Is Ark really using sqllite and halting process to dump state or what? Do they heard of queueing? -Losing chars at transfer. It could be easily prevented with recovery mechanism by keeping last state of char and items inside of it. After all, these crashes - they know when they happen, it's literally quite easy fix and it would save them A LOT time recovering chars and items. -Collisions, it's really messed up and it's most annoying with element veins, half of time spent on doing vein is just snapping on it. It's easy fix too, at least for veins. -Overall lack of professionalism, really who does leave default server message as "blablabla", there is also some sort of bug, after each real message there is message with ".." or "...". There is also name of game, it is still "shootergame.exe" which is very very basic Unreal Engine template game. Really, who does that? It tells a lot about them. Either they literally don't care about this game and this was intended to be cash grab, fixing these issues won't bring them more money and literally, if people stop playing it over time, they won't need to pay for servers and managment of it. -Discovery of QA, I wonder if they even have such department. I guess not at all, they are like Creed from The Office tv show. Literally there is 50/50 chance their update breaks something, makes lots of crashes or even prevent server from starting. They could very simply solve that, by cloning image of some random servers and trying to dry-run it, well they for sure don't do it. There is more, but what's the point it's just my way of farewell. I really hope something changes, but it won't when they release similar game with the same issues or perhaps someone else picks up this idea and do it the right way. Good luck to anyone who still has patience to these issues.
  2. This year, I decided to take a step further - I become an Easter egg. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715424485 Happy Easter everybody!
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