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  1. Yeah dude... my wyvern does that walk off after dismount thing lmao. Will I get stuck under this Alpha Carno's pinky toe even though I'm on a Wyvern? Hahaha.
  2. LOL I've never had a problem until now. Guess its just time to grind obsidian and metal until Ark Survival Disabled is back to normal.
  3. I don't agree with having no other choice than to join Twitter or Discord to get information. I agree with the 24 hour timer being paused. People are losing hella time invested and hella supplies. It seems that the survival aspect of the game has "evolved" and now we have to survive against the devs, service providers, and other technical craziness as well. LOL.
  4. Data downloads are disabled on my server. This is a huge problem for everyone in here. Please enable data downloads. PvE 1369.
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