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  1. Steam vs Epic When reporting a player, you of course use their steam ID. Now that epic is involved and able to play on all servers, how would you report them since they won't have Steam ID's? Just a curious question.
  2. Link Steam Account to Dinos With all the issues going on with People getting characters deleted, why not link steam account to the imprinted Dinos? It would make things a lot easier then having to have a GM come and switch all your imprints on your dinos from your deleted Character to your new one. I know I have several servers of imprinted dinos, and for the GM to switch imprints you have to throw every dino out on all the servers and the GM has to visit all servers to put the new imprint on. Would make things not so bad if someone lost a character.
  3. Extinction 500 NA-Official-Extinction 500 has been down for over 5 hrs. There is no maintenance being done nor is there anything posted about an outage. Hopefully this can be fixed soon
  4. NA-PvE-Official-Rag194 NA-PVE-Offical-Ragnarok194 has been broken for 2 days now. There is no Battle-eye and the mode is PVP. You can't transfer your character to the server, so can't get to our dinos to care for them. Could someone please fix it?
  5. Recent Patch This recent patch that happened today 4-18 has a bunch of bugs. Teleporters aren't working and Polar Bears that are in Cryo Pod can't be deployed and have a picture of a raptor. Mana's are going going crazy.. They are hopping around for no reason. This last patch broke more than it did fix
  6. Swish

    Tame Limit

    It wouldn't encourage them people to pod them up. There is a Brazillian tribe who have easily over 100 Rock Drakes and Wyverns out fully grown and we have asked several times if they could cryo them to help the server cap. They just tell us no. It wont matter if there is no cool down, some people just want to be A-holes and attentionally try to cap the server.
  7. Swish

    Tame Limit

    Tame Limit After this disastrous Valentines Day event Tame Limit needs to be addressed. Tame limit was capped on 2 of the 3 servers I play on. The third server is unplayable due to the server crashing/disconnecting every 15 mins. Tribe tame limit should be reduced to 250 from 500. What tribe needs 500 Dinos out at a time? Another idea would be don't have a tame cap during events. There are a few foreign tribes on my server that is bringing all their baby Abberation Dinos over to raise which isn't helping the tame cap. Since we can't tame or breed this event has been a disaster. Tame Limit or Server Cap needs to be addressed when it comes to events. Thanks
  8. I'm on the same server EU-Abberation 377 PvE as you and I know who you are talking about. I put a Support Ticket in 7 days ago and it still hasnt been viewed. I would of like to of tamed some Event Karkinos, but there is no way to build anything to trap them. He honestly has about 85 % of the Green Zone pillared off on 377 that you can't do anything.
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