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  1. Just now, EvEnTuAlChIcKeN said:

    Well ya that helps too but didn't they say we would get other mods as well? I know not right away but like the anunake genesis mod and stuff like that

    Perhaps later there may be a tab of some sort but as of now I don't think mods are a huge thing being brought to Xbox as of next few updates. So having them just under some categories already available will suffice for now.

  2. 3 minutes ago, EvEnTuAlChIcKeN said:

    I'm in iowa so I'm just patiently waiting just like you lol. These next 7 min are gonna be hell lmao

    xD right I am supposed to be typing a Research paper right now but half just sitting on xbox waiting >> (I plan to finish paper while update loads lol)

    As far as mods you mean the Map I am guessing its going to be selected. I mean okay in single player you go to Host/Local there at the top left it says "The Ark (Official Ark)" I am guessing there will be an option under that called "The Center" so you just highlight that one before entering the game. 

  3. I would totally buy a version where you can be the dinos like omg why wouldn't that be fun? The whole human riding xD its funny but way not needed. I know its a joke and all but really if you guys make one just to be them and run around in the view like in the video would be great.

    I am sad xbox is so far behind T.T ive been waiting forever for more dinos....I kinda am tempted to buy computer version but then the only upside to it would be getting updates sooner. Seeing how servers work with multi I am not interested. I don't feel like trying to get in the same server or being hunted down all the time. =l oh well I shall see how far xbox goes but right now I havn't touched the game in a month and its sad.

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