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  1. I am seriously just upset. I know that Wildcard is working hard but honestly I don't have a reason to play ark right now. I have been planning to play new map for a very long time I have notes on places to tame and gather.

    As for my server I play on currently for Island I just don't even want to look at it. The game has killed off all my wyverns that I spent away from my tribe to raise. Not only that It recently killed mutated babies I had including a new mint green Yut baby, 2 blue rexes one was an egg that just randomly poofed while incubating, a green rex with 15k hp our only one, plus ones I was told to raise for tek cave. Ive been staying up way to late to try to do stuff just to have it taken away. I even almost lost our best giga cause it randomly decided to sink to the bottom of the map. Luckily it came back up when I died. 

    I just don't have the will to want to play on a game that is killing off my dinos due to lag and bugs. I have like maybe 3 dinos left that I even care about...I am greatly sorry but as of right now I don't plan on playing anymore until new map is out. Besides you want to do a wipe anyhow and tek cave doesn't interest me Plus I am mostly the tamer of my tribe. 

    I don't think in the slightest this game is ready to be released anytime soon, and you should all know this as well i mean think how many bugs are going to hit with the new map and you plan to have that come out with or after release. The lag is only going to get worse with the game being fully released as more people shall play and the servers with even 30 people with only 10 on still get dashboarded. This game will practically be unplayable to anyone with lower par internet too as updates hit out. I wait as it is 6 hrs for each update to go through. 

    Once again I know you guys are doing a ton of hard work but I think you need to step back play your own game and see the bugs you have then work on that first. You should be aiming to get this game out in the next few months not in a month. I am sorry but its the truth and people see this even from PC players on Youtube. (cause you know they are the only ones that get a ton of updates that rarely get delayed. I wish that my computer could play ark cause I have Ark for it!) I will be telling my friends who were interested in the game not to buy this until stuff changes. Its honestly not worth them spending 30+Dollars then buying Xbox gold or Playstation Plus. 

    Excitement level has dropped greatly and I do hope something works out otherwise more and more people will just keep quitting and with so many people quitting the ratings shall drop and less people shall buy the game when it comes out knowing all the bugs. 

    I will still be looking at forums and your twitter but please Think about what should be really worked on not just getting the game out before it can truly be ready to be enjoyed...

  2. finally bought Ark for PC and got to say  crap i need a better computer...I can get it to play with Prim+ but not without it. Nor can I run the Center Map. 

    xl my internet is very slow that it takes 5 hours to download ark so I doubt if I shall try to fix the game. I shall just have to wait to play it when I get a better computer T.T just sad cause I wanted to finally play all the new patches faster xP

  3. Can't wait for Primal xD Idk im bored came to read news on what is up. (Boring bday lol)

  4. T.T i dont want to write a paper Ark why do you make me conflicted to do school work! <3

  5. Just normal power down. I don't think ive ever done a hard restart before.
  6. Did you try turning off your console then turning it back on because I did that and it started to update =3
  7. Perhaps later there may be a tab of some sort but as of now I don't think mods are a huge thing being brought to Xbox as of next few updates. So having them just under some categories already available will suffice for now.
  8. right I am supposed to be typing a Research paper right now but half just sitting on xbox waiting >> (I plan to finish paper while update loads lol) As far as mods you mean the Map I am guessing its going to be selected. I mean okay in single player you go to Host/Local there at the top left it says "The Ark (Official Ark)" I am guessing there will be an option under that called "The Center" so you just highlight that one before entering the game.
  9. I looked it up *hope i did it right* its like 7:55pm for yo right now? so in about 5 minutes so in other words 8pm? (hour mark if im wrong xD)
  10. =3 the time has been adjusted to a bit later x3 so we should be getting the Center and the rest of the update soon. *Says 3pm Eastern Time for those who are not on game right now xD! so 2pm roughly if you live in Central like me*
  11. I would totally buy a version where you can be the dinos like omg why wouldn't that be fun? The whole human riding its funny but way not needed. I know its a joke and all but really if you guys make one just to be them and run around in the view like in the video would be great. I am sad xbox is so far behind T.T ive been waiting forever for more dinos....I kinda am tempted to buy computer version but then the only upside to it would be getting updates sooner. Seeing how servers work with multi I am not interested. I don't feel like trying to get in the same server or being hunted down all the time. =l oh well I shall see how far xbox goes but right now I havn't touched the game in a month and its sad.
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