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  1. 12 hours offline protection I don't know it this already is a thing, but I think you should make some servers with offline raiding protection for 12 hours after log of. That way people can go to sleep or to work, knowing they will not be raided. But if they don't log back on after 12 hours , they can be raided. This will fix the problem with offline protected servers being full of unraidable bases from people not playing anymore. I think this might be good on the small tribes servers.
  2. To the ark devs Hi. I am a 43 year old man with 7k hours in ark, mostly small tribes, official pvp. I think this game is amazing , butt i feel there is something seriously wrong with it at the same time. Mostly I would say that it is a balancing issues. This is my Ideas to make the game more enjoyable for your average players. The biggest problem is that raiding is to easy, comes without any cost to the raiders, this makes the servers empty of bases, and makes the game boring and unplayable for most people. There should be a cost to raiding, that way , people need to th
  3. Remove the healers. I have 7k hours in ark , mostly small tribes official pvp. If you wanna make this game alot better , just remove the healing ability from the pig and the owl. That way raiding will be harder, more fair. The way it is now is just to unbalanced. You can offline raid a huge base without loosing any Dino or anything else. I think if you raid you need to loose some soakers at least, or have many. not like it is today, just have a tamed Trike and a level 5 owl, and you are good to go.
  4. Seems wildcard relesed 2 new smal tribes ragnarock servers innstead of the EU smal tribes crystal isle servers. SO now the only smal tribes crystal isle servers are the 2 NA servers
  5. It wouldent be more Pvoffline for solo/duo players than it currently is, thats kinda the point. And if you like to be solo on normal servers (though i really doubt you do) ,then no one is stopping you from plaing on them.
  6. Guessing you guys are in big tribes? afraid you gonna loose easy raids??
  7. Really annoy me that wildcard havent made a solo/duo pvp server cluster, how out of touch with your players is it possible to be??? I am pretty sure the reson no one of my friends on steam play mutch ark at moment is the lack of solo duo servers. No point playing on classic or smal tribes as solo player, and joining making a big tribe is not that fun, wery hard to find serious people aswell, so better to just not play ark.
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