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  1. I play on Xbox and I’ve got my cooking pot and over 200 eggs from the new event but for some reason I can’t craft the skins I’ve got the eggs in the pot and all the eggs I need but I cant craft them
  2. It’s not that I’m just upset but I knew people would want to know what I lost so I just added it and what’s primitive flak I was talking about swords crossbow stuff like that
  3. It’s not that it’s just it’s happened a lot of times and I followed the guy and talked to him in game and (politely) asked for my stuff back I tried to stay calm and I did but he was just being rude about it and pretended like he didn’t even do anything
  4. I didn’t loose my bag I knew where is was I watched him take it...
  5. So they are completely aloud to just steal everything I worked hard for?
  6. I just don’t know how else to put it
  7. This just recently happened and there was nothing I could have done. So I play on PVE servers because I don’t like other people interfering with my builds and tames I don’t like people stealing my stuff. So I was out exploring on this pve server and I end up didn’t to a troodon right before I made it to my body I saw someone just take everything that I had on me. I was in a PVE server and they were not in my tribe. I lost over 100 tranq arrows a full metal set a lot of loot and stuff this is just really annoying.
  8. We were on a local and have never seen one before...
  9. This is starting to get really frtusturating now but every time I try to play an online game I can’t build at all ever. People just place pillars and platforms all around the map to prevent people from building. Please help.
  10. Me and my fried were trying to tame one of the big squids. There name is something weird like therisiusthis or something. We had the black pearls in the last slot we sacrificed the turtle but all that popped up was, “therisiusthis does not want to be tamed right now.” Any suggestions?
  11. Thank you so much for the help I will try this tomorrow and watch a couple videos
  12. So I play on the Xbox and I usually just get on a local non-dedicated server with my friends. However, every time I’m on I always get dragged off cliffs or I’m trying to tame a Dino and the host is wandering. I understand the reason the tether distance is in place but there should still be an adjustable slider so we can keep our ping and tether distance regulated. Also, I thought I would mention that in this server we have if you barely hit a rock or do a tiny fall you take so much damage. We have over 1000HP and it’s just ubsrurd dying from the smallest falls. Anyone have suggestions?
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