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  1. Ok, since Wildcard has unbanned HOD (atleast not permanently banned, we don't know if he can now use his account) in a halfhearted apology that sounded more like an excuse, I
  2. So, as some of you may know, Wildcard Games recently banned a gaming youtuber named HOD. Now, gamers getting banned by big companies is nothing new since the current generation of gaming channels is constantly f****ing up. And that leads to the question "What did HOD do?". He exposed the game's glitches and how people could (and do) abuse them online. And what did Wildcard have to say about this? "Thanks for pointing out our mistakes", "We'll work on it", "Because of (excuse) we haven't been able to perfect out the game"? No, just spiteful silence and a ban. A lot of people were surprised by this and decided to protest agaisn't Wildcard's actions. Wildcard also banned the first few that stood up for HOD but after more and more people rallied up agaisn't them they removed all the bans, except that of HOD. They haven't given any explenations as to why they banned him in the first place and since a lot of people were surprised, I thought I would shed a light on what Wildcard is really like (and why you should expect this type of behavior). You know how battlefront 2 had the most expensive and broken lootcrate system in the gaming industry for a while, and the cards you got out of the crates were called "wildcards"? Guess who was behind that idea. They also admitted that since they didn't plan retail while making Ark (fixing the game after release) they wouldn't do it. And on top of that, they released Ark claiming it had been made exclusively by Wildcard employees when in truth Jeremy Stieglitz, the former employer of Wildcard and owner of Trendy Entertainment had secretly helped develop it and he sued for 600 million dollars, but had to settle for 40 million because Wildcard had erased all proof of his participation on the development of the game. The only reason they even agreed to give 40 million dollars was because they were getting a lot of bad press. And that's the only way to make this company do something, bad press. Reddit so far seems to be the only site that is trying to do somethiing about HOD's ban, and it seems appropiate that we, the community of this site, the one that's always complaining about everything bad in the game, joins the protest and tries to get Wildcard to remove the ban.
  3. Logged unto my favorite PVP where I have a titanosaur base. The game lagged for about 8 minutes and then my console restarted. Tried again. I wake up. The whole building is sideways. Titanosaur is dead I realize. I can hear C4s going off as what I can only assume are the raiders blow their way through the walls trying to find some loot. I panic. Remember secret exit, could it work? F**k it. I sprint for it and open about 10 trap doors in a dark stone maze. C4s getting closer. I make it out. f***ing enemy basilisk. I get knocked out. I die. I cry.
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