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  1. Ok, since Wildcard has unbanned HOD (atleast not permanently banned, we don't know if he can now use his account) in a halfhearted apology that sounded more like an excuse, I
  2. So, as some of you may know, Wildcard Games recently banned a gaming youtuber named HOD. Now, gamers getting banned by big companies is nothing new since the current generation of gaming channels is constantly f****ing up. And that leads to the question "What did HOD do?". He exposed the game's glitches and how people could (and do) abuse them online. And what did Wildcard have to say about this? "Thanks for pointing out our mistakes", "We'll work on it", "Because of (excuse) we haven't been able to perfect out the game"? No, just spiteful silence and a ban. A lot of people were surprised by this and decided to protest agaisn't Wildcard's actions. Wildcard also banned the first few that stood up for HOD but after more and more people rallied up agaisn't them they removed all the bans, except that of HOD. They haven't given any explenations as to why they banned him in the first place and since a lot of people were surprised, I thought I would shed a light on what Wildcard is really like (and why you should expect this type of behavior). You know how battlefront 2 had the most expensive and broken lootcrate system in the gaming industry for a while, and the cards you got out of the crates were called "wildcards"? Guess who was behind that idea. They also admitted that since they didn't plan retail while making Ark (fixing the game after release) they wouldn't do it. And on top of that, they released Ark claiming it had been made exclusively by Wildcard employees when in truth Jeremy Stieglitz, the former employer of Wildcard and owner of Trendy Entertainment had secretly helped develop it and he sued for 600 million dollars, but had to settle for 40 million because Wildcard had erased all proof of his participation on the development of the game. The only reason they even agreed to give 40 million dollars was because they were getting a lot of bad press. And that's the only way to make this company do something, bad press. Reddit so far seems to be the only site that is trying to do somethiing about HOD's ban, and it seems appropiate that we, the community of this site, the one that's always complaining about everything bad in the game, joins the protest and tries to get Wildcard to remove the ban.
  3. Logged unto my favorite PVP where I have a titanosaur base. The game lagged for about 8 minutes and then my console restarted. Tried again. I wake up. The whole building is sideways. Titanosaur is dead I realize. I can hear C4s going off as what I can only assume are the raiders blow their way through the walls trying to find some loot. I panic. Remember secret exit, could it work? F**k it. I sprint for it and open about 10 trap doors in a dark stone maze. C4s getting closer. I make it out. f***ing enemy basilisk. I get knocked out. I die. I cry.
  4. And finally, if you would like me to in depthly discuss those dinos, just tell me so
  5. #1- I do not consider raptors OP (or any dino on the game really) because the reason everyone hates them (pounce) is not a big deal. Bola and trank should do the trick, and having the raptor throw you off your flying mount when you pick it up is a thing that happens once in your entire playthrough. It happens and you learn to not do it again. #2- Seagulls and pegos, while quite annoying, aren't really OP. If you've seen my previous post, there aren't any real OP animals in the game since you are in full control and can literally delete an entire species from your map with the simple code "admincheat Destroy (Name of the dino you hate)_Character_BP_C" on the cheat bar (Unless you're on PVP). And normally a single gunshot is enough to take one out. #3- 20 or 22 points to speed (from 105, so don't complain) is enough to outrun a wild giga, so yet again, not too troublesome. Also, you don't need to be faster than the giga, you just need to be faster than your tribemates
  6. But that's not one of my points, if you can outrun it into a pack of herbivores or even just one high level tanky one you'll loose him. Not only that but he'll attack anything that even approaches his prey while he feeds, so chances are you'll have about a minute to flee, which is more than enough. Plus, I have yet to meet the dumbass that tried to take the Giga on face to face with their tame
  7. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, there are some dinos in the game that the community pictures as the second coming of hitler and they only point out their strengths to make them look unbeatable or insufferable. But today I decided to point out some weaknesses of the three most hated dinos on this site and the ways you can exploit them. Subject #1: The Tickle Chicken/Oversized Turkey (Therizinosaur): These guys are a force to be reckoned with, with a huge health and damage pool, it's health comprarable to that of a dire bear and damage even greater than that of the mighty t-rex, outstanding speed and the perserverance of a manta, it is one dino you want to avoid if you don't have a flying mount. Fortunately, it's aggro range nowadays is nothing short of small. You quite literally need to walk up to it's face to piss it off. If you are doing this on purpose to bait it into a trap, you better have upgraded your speed a lot. On the Island these bad boys spawn in the southern, southeastern, eastern and central areas, so if you plan to live here you should consider either bringing large bear traps when you go out exploring or spending quite a few of your points on speed and stamina to keep thses guys at bay. Subject #2: Troodons: Considered by some to be the spawn of Satan, these ferocious little bastards didn't go small lengths to earn the name. With a dashing attack like a mantis, the tranquilizing capabilities of a titanoboa, the damage of a direwolf, the speed of a thylaco and the pack instinct of a raptor, you should change course as soon as you spot these little nocturnals devils... Or should you? As it turns out, they're shy. I mean that literally, if they can be spotted, they will avoid you, which explains why you see them running around like a bunch of crackheads during daylight instead of horribly ripping apart their semi-conscious prey. When night falls though, they become one of the reasons players refuse to go out of their shelters after sundown. But just because they are well hidden doesn't mean they grew balls. Should you shine a torch in their face or get a flashlight for your firearm of preference, these cowards will run back to safety in the shadows. But I guess you can't watch your back at all times, which is why you should either bring a buddy with a firearm when you go night-exploring, or upgrade your fortitude. (Preferably both) Now, most players in ark believe that fortitude means how much of a beating their armor can take, but it turns out it's how immune you are to torpidity attacks, so I see no reason why anyone shouldn't upgrade their fortitude. And finally, stimulants. Under no reason should you ever not carry stimulants with you. They'll bring your torpor down to zero in no time. Subject #3: The King of OP (Giganotosaurus): The Giganotosaurus is a hulking, massive, and utterly terrifying beast that makes most wild animals look like squeaky toys. With a bite force strong enough to tear through polymer as if it were air, nearly two times the height of a rex, about 6 titanoboas in length, a health pool big enough to suck up dozens of shots from an ascendant shotgun like a champ, and a berserk ability that basically makes his health pool bigger over time and gives it more damage per every hit he takes, this guy could become the main antogonist in any dino movie with ease. But, he has two weaknesses. Due to his enormous size, the Giganotosaurus, or Giga as some would call him, is quite sluggish and slow, so if you upgarded your speed and stamina enough, you should be able to outrun him to the nearest herbivore (Or to the nearest tribe that has been annoying you). And his second weakness, he's proud. Because he's the biggest and meanest dino around, if you start a confrontation, he won't back down, meaning you can lure him into all sort of good traps, or you/your buddy can shoot him with rockets from your Quetz/Petranodon if you decide to eliminate the threat. So, as you can see, no dino in the game is unbeatable or unstoppable, and there's always a way to deal with them. If you would like me to continue posting on the ways to deal with (falsely) op dinos from the game, tell me down below. I hope this was helpful to the new players.
  8. About the troodons, don't like em'? "Admincheat Destroy Troodon_Character_BP_C" on the bar And trust me, don't leave the tames on passive. I know that chasing after them or tracking them down is a pain but I would rather do that than get my armor chomped to tiny shreds, be killed, have my tame die and waking up in the nearest bed to marathon my way to my corpse full of goodies
  9. Good point, but if you've played the game for anything more than a month you should know the raptor pounce is not to be meddled with, and all you had needed to do to avoid this situation was to bola and trank the raptor first. Then again, if you don't like raptors you can delete them and if that's not the case there's this fun thing called "ForceTame" on the cheat list. Btw, you activate the cheat bar by pausing your game and pressing RB, LB and X and Y at the same time on xbox and R1, L1 Triangle and Square on PS4. And also, you need to put "admincheat" before any command for it to work. Three simple solutions to a simple problem that really only required a little thought to it
  10. I've been recurring to this site time and time again for a little insight and more often than not I just end up running into people saying that this or that animal is way too op and it'll come for you at night and eat your children or it is pathetic and will get butt****ed mid combat and enjoy it and it'll turn on you. Because of this, I avoided way too many mounts for too long. Recently, I noticed that atleast one person in this site thinks that this animal is way too powerful or way too underpowered, so I decided to go for the mounts I had been avoiding, and as it turns out, it's not that bad. The Managarmr as an example: A month ago I decided I wanted to get one and came here for some advice and the top forum was a 4 page long collective complaint from the community. I ignored that and proceeded to tame one and got it a partner, and it died in a fight agaisn't a middle sized tribe. It got shot a bunch of times and then someone grapple hooked it and then it was over. I managed to kill off the rest with my other managarmr and her hp was at half when I was done. I realized it's not overpowered. The giga is another demonified dino on this site. It is patheticaly slow and sluggish, so you can simply outrun it to the nearest herbivore pack if you upgraded your speed and stamina enough (which everyone should do). Or the microraptor. Really? The Stun Chicken is op? If you got jumped by one of these and then you got killed by something else then you probably didn't bring a fast and reliable combat mount, which, spoiler alert, you should always do if you're heading into a forrest. Also, keep your mounts on neutral. I even saw someone complaining about how the dilo is op. The f***ing dilo. All it does is literally slow you down and chomp at you while you stumble around. I once took on a pack of 5 level 60s with flak armor on my own. The troodon is another great example of this because people don't understand it. It's a balancing animal, like the kapro, titanoboa, manta or microraptor. It's there to keep you on your toes and make the game a survival experience instead of a walk in the park. It is nearly useless if you tame it PvE and I see no point in breeding them. Same with all other examples I named. And you know, it's actually quite good in PvP but it's main fuction is to keep the game challenging. If you don't like that, you can always delete them from your server with cheats. F*** it, you can just delete all animals you don't like on every map with cheats. Why not just give the dinos zero damage and the player infinite health. Just GodMode if you've gotten this far. The game is the way it is, every animal has a function, and it just works nicely. If you don't like it don't play the game or use cheats until it's the way you like, but please stop complaining about every nook and cranny, you're misleading the new players. Also, the raptor's pounce IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.
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