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  1. I need help, got hacker How do i report those hacker when they can run so fast, my tame also can’t chase them, i only have video
  2. How can it be like this, it very dissappointed to have total lost, it very difficult to store resource to make a good base.. i been raid 3 time and now raft also can’t store item and how can i survive from been raid?
  3. Ark survival mobile version
  4. My raft been eaten by server I make a transport raft and wondering around at sea, and suddenly my boat just disappear, the tribe news no stated why it gone, my resource all inside and have a hard time collecting resource, i at pvxc iguanodon na server, please help.. it very sad that all my resource and some of amber item inside
  5. No one bother about the tame limit, it very sad n dissappointed
  6. Or maybe when the tame reach 1700 or 1800 and make it unable to create new tribe to prevent full tame?
  7. Pvx server tame limit The pvx server tame easily full at 2k, it very sad and irritating. Anyway to solve the issue? Example have a limit tribe in it and the tribe inactive for 3 day will be delete this kind of issue or increase the tame limit by abit.. when the breeding season come and the tame is full at 2k can’t even breed and queing to breed at unknown timing..
  8. Pvx water dinosaur revive point Can fix the pvx underwater revive port for water dinosaur? I have no where to revive in the water for my sea dino.. please fix a revive beacon or fix the revive port placeable.. please help..
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